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Packing light was not something that came naturally to me, I hate having regrets after traveling so I used to overpack – not wear more than half of what I packed. Overpacking has cost me money, energy and stressed the life out of me. With time, I have learned to pack light and since being appreciating the art of packing light and the peace of mind that comes with it so I’ll be sharing tips on not just how to pack light but how to pack light without any regrets and save flight money!

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Why I cut my Natural Hair, Reason, Reaction, Regrets? Do Men Find Me Less Attractive?

On the 10th of February, I went to a barbing saloon to cut my natural hair of 2 years +.

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8 Buisness Lessons For The Leading Woman From The Sisters Network Event

I love knowledge; I often surround myself with books and have intelligent conversations. It’s just really beautiful.

When I saw a picture on Instagram about the sister’s network hangout & book reading event,the lady entrepreneur in me knew I needed to attend. I mentioned here that I wanted to go out more, Network and I honestly prefer gaining knowledge over just chilling & sipping wine or maybe it just depends on my mood.

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How I Lost My Blog content and Hosting Advise For Bloggers

Waking up to see my website down was the worst thing I’ve had to see his year.

This was the second time having domain issue; I lost my old domain name years back on Godaddy when I could not pay because Nigerian cards were being declined and my domain transfer failed.

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Beginning Again – Welcome To Poetry | Life & Style

There is no Shame in Beginning Again, for you get a chance to build bigger & better than before –

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