How to finish what you started article is coming from an ex chronic procrastinator. It is I, PEOPLE

I am one of those people that used to procrastinate everything. Life allowed me to live with that until adulthood came in and humbled me.

Having a 9-5, a blog and freelancing is not for the faint-hearted. I had to be more productive, I had to finish every project I started.

So, I’ll be sharing a few tips that have helped me with finishing what I’ve started

tips to finish what you started

7 Tips on How To Finish What You Started

Know why you’re starting

Why are you taking up a new online course? Why have you decided to be consistent with blogging? Why? Is this important? What’s the goal of starting this? The aim. Which purpose does this serve? This helps you put things in perspective.

Set reminders/ deadlines

Do you want to finish that course in 2 weeks? How many hours is it? How many hours do you have to study every day for two weeks to reach your goal? It’s important that you’re very logical with this. Don’t push yourself too hard so you will not get burned out. Take it at your pace, Slow and steady.

7 tips to finish what you have started

Get an accountability partner

For me it’s my best friend, he always reminds me when I don’t even want to hear it. He tells me why I started this, why I need to complete this and it works.

Make a plan

Create a proper routine, Break down each task into doable, daily action steps, paste it somewhere you always see it so you remember.

Bonus tip – write down inspirational quotes for that extra drive.

Be stubborn about finishing

Don’t let challenges stop you, be stubborn, be disciplined, keep your eyes on the goal, think about how completing what you’ve started is going to make you feel and do that! It won’t be easy but the result will be worth it. I promise you.

level up! get work done. tips to be more productive

Reward yourself

I get stressed easily so what I do is reward myself for every milestone crossed until the goal is reached, looking forward to a reward gives you that little bit of push that you need.

It can be something as small as getting ice cream or watching a lot of movies.

Enjoy yourself while at it

Choose the most fun way to complete your task or the least draining way.

I like taking online courses when I’m free at work because that way I don’t miss out on anything when I’m home, I have the mentality that I’m at work so which other time is better?

Which of these tips is your best? Any tip I missed? please share so we can all learn.


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