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    3 ways of styling Stiletto heels

    When it comes to fashion, comfort is key, although there are exceptions to the rule – when I am going for a certain type of look, I can make myself uncomfortable. The pain is temporary but slay is forever innit? Long-time no style post. I’m sorry about that, I have been going as the spirit leads. Today, we are talking about shoes, heels in particular. I love heels, to me, they symbolize power. When I wear heels, I feel like I run the world, my hips sway better, I hold my head high, my confidence skyrockets, and my stature is fire. I won’t say I have a love/hate relationship with…

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    5 ways you can get more from your personal style (while spending less)

    Spending less is definitely on the list of spending smartly, I can’t see any reason why anyone won’t want to spend smartly, especially on personal style. It saves money! More money = better things in life. Money won’t solve all your problems but it will solve a lot, trust me. Fashion, personal style, clothes whichever you prefer to call it takes a lot of money from us and it should not be so when you can spend less and get more from your personal style – better quality clothes and clothes that work for you Here are 5 ways to get more from your personal style while spending less Understand…