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Why i love periods

5 Things I Love About Periods

Hey you, how is the COVID-19 lockdown in your country? mine has been eased and I am worried, I hope they find a vaccine soon. The topic of my post is probably shocking to you. Especially my close friends. They know how I flow like a river, the pain, and the weird cravings that come with my period. I am…

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10 Things I Learned From My Past Relationships – Amaka

Nice to see you here again, if you are new. Welcome to my space on the internet. After reading this post, you should have a look around. Okay? Lessons from past relationships is a mini-series I started so we can learn from each other. if you missed the first episode, you can read it here – 7 Lessons from my…

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Let’s Talk Sexual Health – Vagina care, and Sex Rituals

I hope everything is fine with you. Me? I’m okay. My emotions are all over the place some days but I am grateful for everything going on. I was given the opportunity to have a class on sexual health some days back. it was in a closed group of amazing ladies. I’ve decided to share my notes in this blog post so…

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Lessons from past relations

7 Lessons From My Past Relationships – Rose

Hey Guys! I hope you have been keeping Safe with the pandemic. Please don’t forget to sanitize your hands and stay at home. In today’s post. I asked some people for lessons from their past relationships and I plan to make it a thing on the blog. I hope you would enjoy these lessons and learn from them. Today, we…

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Oma’s Story: Abortion in Nigeria:

Written by Shade Mary-Ann Olaoye The Nigerian constitution stipulates that a woman can lose her baby through abortion only if the baby puts its mother’s health in jeopardy. Oma, a twenty-three-year-old college student, carefully narrated to me how she was at a loss about what to do when her pregnancy test results came back positive. For her, at her age…

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How I’m Dealing With Anxiety During A Pandemic

The day before yesterday, I wore a yellow crop top and thongs, danced in front of my mirror smiling and laughing at myself. On Sunday, after Our President declared the lock-down. I had a panic attack. I had been home for days before it was officially declared that there was going to be a lockdown in my state and other…

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pregnant woman - babymoon

Where to Spend Your Next Babymoon

Are you expecting your first (second or third) baby? Well, you know your life is about to change but surely in a good way. You and your significant partner are preparing for the late-night feedings, diaper duties, and numerous sleepless nights. In the heat of these all, a babymoon might be what the doctor prescribed.

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Black girl talking about mental health

Dear Diary – Today was The First Day of Therapy

I was nervous but not like soo nervous. Confused? well, that makes both of us. I had a photoshoot earlier with an old friend and I almost canceled the session. In fact, I did. She just did not see the message. My shoot was dragging and I was still nervous so I sent her a message about postponing. 30 minutes…

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Olotu funke sitting at Speakeasy bar Ng

2019 Recap; Taking stock & Moving Forward

It’s 8;15 pm 29th of December, 2019 and I am writing this post. 15 minutes earlier I felt like a failure and sad that I did not do much in 2019.

I went on my Instagram page, not sure what I was looking for, tapped a picture and the caption I used was

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Eyowo in abuja, Nigeria

5 Reasons You Need to Download the Eyowo App

A man who both spends and saves money is the happiest man because he has both enjoyments

– Samuel Johnson

Thanks to Eyowo, it is now possible for you to save, spend and access money however, anywhere and anytime. Eyowo is a digital solution that helps you with your day-to-day transactions. It is very simple.

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