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Eyowo in abuja, Nigeria
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5 Reasons You Need to Download the Eyowo App

“A man who both spends and saves money is the happiest man because he has both enjoyments” – Samuel Johnson Thanks to Eyowo, it is now possible for you to save, spend and access money however, anywhere and anytime. Eyowo […]

black woman bending her head, sad

My Abortion Story – Anonymous Submission Ep.1

Abortion is a word we are all familiar with and have different opinions on. I strongly feel that, connecting with women that have done this, by listening to their stories will trigger a feeling of empathy and not just entitlements […]

scented candles - best gifts for girlfriends
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Top 20 Best Gifts Your Girlfriends Actually Wants

I am happy to be writing this post on the best gifts for girlfriends, It’s one thing to buy birthday gifts for your girlfriend and its another to buy her gifts that she wants and will appreciate forever. Now this […]

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