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5 Things I Love About Periods

Hey you, how is the COVID-19 lockdown in your country? mine has been eased and I am worried, I hope they find a vaccine soon.

The topic of my post is probably shocking to you. Especially my close friends. They know how I flow like a river, the pain, and the weird cravings that come with my period.

I am about to see my period and I’ve been feeling good about it. Allow me to explain.

I’m someone that loves to see the beauty in everything & I’ve decided to channel this positivity to my period. And also Kiran Gandhi is such a bad-ass, she ran the London Marathon during her period freely, she did it to raise awareness for the women who lacked access to feminine care products amongst other things and crossed the finish line with blood-soaked tights, how powerful!

Periods are here to stay, so it’s high time we start treating menstruation like they are natural and powerful because they obviously are.

Are you aware that it’s your mother’s blood that kept you alive for 9 months in the womb? All that power.

I am tired of menstruation being looked at like a disease, I once read an article about a woman that died because she was suppressing her periods with pills and whatnot.

period splash

Every woman bleeds from their vagina, get over it.

Funke Olotu

Let’s get to the juicy part of things I love about periods

Period boobs

They just had to be the first, when the boob gets fuller, I love them. Asides the pains that come with even air touching my nipples, I want to keep them forever.


During PMS and periods, we have lower estrogen and serotonin levels, which often causes our mood to drop. This drop-in serotonin makes me become easily irritated, I clean everywhere and evaluate everything in my life.

From why I like yellow to why I’m friends with this person. The thoughts are so random.

Period conversations

Periods are the perfect moment for one to reflect on one’s life because our intuition is at it’s highest. Dr. Julie Holland writes in her book Moody Bitches. “The thoughts and feelings that come up during this phase of your cycle are real”
If you have not been taking advantage of your heightened intuition (periods superpowers), you definitely should.

If you’re not feeling comfortable with who you’re with or what you’re doing, don’t think it’s because of your period and just let it slide, chances are you’re not in the right place.

I have a theory that all the anger we have towards a certain aspect of our lives has always been there. They are just heightened. Center yourself, breathe and resolve it.

It gives me the best excuse

I can literally get away with anything by using my period as an excuse, it works all the time and because I am not ashamed of my period, this is easy for me. Are you a shy person when you are on your period?

Excuse to eat, eat & eat!

I get bloated and I think it’s supposed to make me not want to eat much but it’s the opposite, I eat, eat & eat… When I’m not hungry, I eat… Blame it on the period. I don’t make the rules.

It connects everyone

We all have stories to share – the conversation around period is one that can never end, no matter where you’re from, it connects us all.

It’s time we take periods as our monthly reminders; to reset, spoil ourselves & detox. Look at the beauty in the madness. Will you?

Dig deep and tell me what you love about your period, what do we have in common? I want to know

Talk to you in the comment section.


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