8 Nigerian Women are Ditching Always Pad. Why & Better Alternatives

There has been an uproar online by women, especially African women on Always pad, a lot of women are ditching the pad because of several reasons and to find out more and figure out better alternatives.

I interviewed 15 amazing ladies on why they are ditching or have ditched Always pad and the alternatives they are using. This first post has replies from 8 women and part 2 has responses from 7 women.

I personally have not had any issue with the pad but if a lot of ladies are complaining, it’s important that I let you know that it’s not in your head and you are not alone.

So if you want to ditch always and find better alternatives, read on

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1. Why are you ditching always?

Why I ditched always in 2015

1. It had adverse effects on my vagina

2. Most recently, they seem to not be bothered about it and I can’t give my monies to such. The rashes/itching started from as far back as in secondary school, but I was new to menstruating and I didn’t know much. Plus, Always was what almost every girl in school used. That plus the monopoly they had at the time didn’t really give me a lot of options so I just kept suffering and smiling. Literally.

Some months I’d manage to be okay and other times I’d feel like tearing my underwear in the middle of a class to scratch the hell out of the itch. I’d shower and when I wash down there, it’d sting. Every other girl seemed to be just fine and it made me wonder if the problem was me

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Maybe they weren’t and just like me they were smiling through the pain because not a lot of options like I said. This torture went on till my 3rd year in university when I finally switched to lady care and my vagina has known peace since. I’ve been talking about how trash always is for the longest time to any woman who’d care to listen.

So it was no surprise when I saw Kenyan women campaigning for a change in their product quality and listing the same side effects I experienced (rashes, itching, burning sensation). It’s no dispute that the Always sold abroad and the one sold here are so different in terms of quality and to be honest I would’ve been surprised but it’s basically the same for many other industries in general. What they get isn’t what we get.

2. What’s your alternative, another pad? Tampons, menstrual cup? And why

My alternatives so far have been other sanitary pad brands. Since I ditched always, I’ve tried lady care, angel, Molped and Virony. All have worked great for me. No adverse effects, no burns, no rash, no itching. If always works for you, good for you. If you have an experience like mine and you love your vagina, please dump Always and know peace.

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1. Why are you ditching always?

So, I had been brought up on always, I never knew any other female hygiene products apart from it. Not all those years noticed I would have a rash in the crevices or a tingling feeling.

When I finally got a dermatologist for my skin, I realized that perfumes and certain ‘chemicals’ (for lack of a better word) and my skin don’t mix. I then reasoned; I’m wearing perfume pads for 24 hours that’s why I keep feeling irritated.

And didn’t make any sense especially as always is expensive AF Tried a number from every woman to other nameless brands till I found the right fit. Left and never looked back.

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2. What’s your alternative, another pad? Tampons, menstrual cup?

I’m still scared of tampons, TSS and what not always on my mind. I switched to another pad brand. Tried the menstrual cup but it didn’t work for me. Get uncomfortable. I live to try another day.

So far, I haven’t had any more irritations/ reactions. And I always read the ingredients list.


1. Why are you ditching always?

Always is very uncomfortable and itchy most times.

2. What’s your alternative, another pad? Tampons, menstrual cup?

Menstrual cup and Tampon. The first one, it’s very cost-effective, you don’t have to keep buying every month. Tampons, because I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing something or carrying something around in my vagina.


1. Why are you ditching always?

I’m ditching always because I recently discovered that the irritations I had, whenever I used them, had nothing to do with me and everything to do with their product. In fact, I ditched it already.

Always has always been my brand. I always got some kind of rashes/burns whenever I was on my period. And these burns/rashes would take some days after my period to heal completely.

I thought it was my skin because I have very sensitive skin so I ignored it and took it as one my period struggles. Fortunately for me, sometime this month, I came across a tweet where a woman stated that she developed skin problems and a kind of infection (the name was scary) from using Always and that according to her research, they used some kind of toxic material to make their pads scented.

This really scared me. And even in the comment section of her tweet, so many other women complained of getting those rashes and burns too, like they just described my problem. It was there and then I decided to ditch it.

2. What’s your alternative, another pad? Tampons, menstrual cup?

I started using another brand today (cortex) because of the recommendations I saw on twitter. I can’t say much about it now though because this is my first time but Its softer and feels nice too.


1. Why are you ditching always?

So I ditched always mainly because the price hiked for really bad quality. Despite buying at really expensive prices, just a few hours using it and it gets torn in the middle and you can see the contents spilling out which I find really irritating. So it wasn’t giving the protection it claimed to give.

2. What’s your alternative, another pad? Tampons, menstrual cup? And why

I switched to other brands of pads (E.g. Dry love, Soft Care A+) and I found them affordable, comfortable, the quality was good and didn’t tear suddenly like Always. Those brands gave me the protection I needed throughout the day.


1. Why are you ditching always?

Well Always pad used to give me rashes and burns

2. What’s your alternative, another pad? Tampons, menstrual cup? And why

And switching to another brand, Virony. And I’ve been fine since then, or at least that’s what I think

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1. Why are you ditching always?

I only just ditched Always. The towel gave me nasty, stubborn rashes and irritation. Rashes that would last to the following period. I usually have to oil my vagina every damn day to reduce the rashes.

2. What’s your alternative, another pad? Tampons, menstrual cup? And why

Ditched Always for Ultrex. Yet to use it though. Hoping it’ll be favorable as it’ll be my first time of trying


1. Why are you ditching always?

Always products make me itch and by the end of my period, I have sores due to the itching. In addition to that, I get sores after every period. They almost got it right with their Overnight pads that are purple in color, but it still itches a bit. But that’s the only one I can manage. Plus, generally, pads are messy so I’m ditching the whole idea of pads

 2. What’s your alternative, another pad? Tampons, menstrual cup? And why

TAMPONS! Ever since I discovered tampons, my life has changed. It doesn’t itch, most importantly it’s less messy compared to pads.

The reality of these women using Always pad, Can you relate with anyone’s story? ever had any reaction from Always pad? what are you currently using for your period?

I and the community will love to hear from you, leave a comment below.

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