I was having a conversation with my friend on taking husbands name, and I decided to ask on my Instagram page, so here are replies from 3 ladies on taking their husband’s name after marriage.

Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi

Not taking and not adding.
I’m very sentimental about my name, and I don’t believe taking on your husband’s name is an integral process of unionization. I think it’s just a patriarchal motivated ‘directive’ – the seal of Belonging to him and not yourself. You answer to him. Cos you bear his name now. And not your father.

But then, I believe a lot of women have been integrated into the process so much that they automatically key into that expectation just like getting pregnant and giving birth after marriage, more like that’s what you do, that’s how it’s done.

And for some other women, it’s not a big deal… And some won’t even think twice about taking it on if the husband is a Gates (the probability too is there)

Taking their husbands name

But the narrative is gradually changing… Koko is marrying a man that has sense – not the one that will see not taking his father’s name as an act of rebellion or a feminist act.

Finally, I won’t change because I’m emotionally and all ‘lys’ attached to my name. Change of name is bleh. Ain’t nobody got time for newspaper stuff/affidavits

And I won’t add it cos my name is long enough – Ebukun Gbemisola Ogunyemi-Williams/whatever… Ogun kọ láyè now.

I love you and I don’t need to take your name to prove that truth!

Keep me anonymous!

Yes, I’ll take his name. Because the man I’ll marry will know it doesn’t make him better than me or make me his property.

3 women on taking their husbands name

Then having his last name will prevent technical issues. Like visa and travel problems for us and our children and any legal issues that could arise.
Last names aren’t and shouldn’t be a way to show ownership but to show family.


I would like to add his name to mine because first of all my last name is amazing secondly, I would have built a brand around my name and I want it to be a legacy that lives on

Such interesting answers, where do you fall and why? I would love to know if you will like to take your husbands name or not.

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