Infibulation is the practice of removing all or parts of the external genitalia (the clitoris, labia minora, and labia majora) and sewing, pinning, or otherwise causing the remaining tissue to fuse together during the healing process, also called Pharaonic circumcision. The World Health Organization refers to the procedure as Type III female genital mutilation.

Most times, the first thing we learn about our bodies is that it’s not ours, every “flaw” has to be corrected and we were made for marriage.

But for some girls, it’s worse – the message is that to be accepted by the wider community, their bodies must be cut, altered, and even reshaped

The operation is often performed without anesthesia and under conditions that are not hygienic.

Infibulation involves the almost complete closure of the vaginal orifice by cutting and closing the labia to create a skin seal. A small opening remains for the passage of urine and menstrual blood. This physical closure has to be re-opened—defibulated—later in life. 

The vagina is usually penetrated at the time of a woman’s marriage by her husband’s penis, or by cutting the tissue with a knife.  In some settings, a circumciser or traditional midwife opens the infibulated scar with a knife or razor blade.

The vagina is opened further for childbirth and usually closed again afterward, a process known as defibulation (or deinfibulation) and reinfibulation. 

Discussing An Under-reported Torture To Girls – Breast Ironing

Infibulation can cause chronic pain and infection, organ damage, prolonged micturition urinary incontinence, inability to get pregnant, difficulty giving birth, obstetric fistula, and fatal bleeding.

Whenever people try to shame angry feminists, I shake my head because can we be ever angry enough? Have you ever heard about this before?

By Olotu Funke

Olotu Funke is a baddie keen on existing fully, documenting her journey with Skin Positivity, Mental Health, Personal Style, and the Life in between.

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