Gurara falls is a gem located in Niger State, Nigeria. I was glad I got the opportunity to go visit such an amazing place. Prior to my last post on getting rejected for a job and advising you to take some steps backward and really think about the direction you want to take in life. I took my own advice and started fashion school, I’ve wanted to be in fashion school since I was 13, 14. We will talk about my love and passion for fashion another day.

Fashion school has been fun and honestly more stressful than I imagined so I needed to see a new place, be surrounded with good vibes and genuinely enjoy myself so when I saw the flyer by 908travelandtours didn’t think twice.

Now to all you need to know about traveling from ABUJA to Niger state to visit Gurara Falls

Prior to this trip, I’ve actually never heard of Gurara falls and never gone hiking before, that’s definitely going to change.

We paid the travel agency 4 thousand Naira each for the trip, I think it was cute that there was a flyer for everyone after payment.

The bus was supposed to leave by 7; 30, my Taxify app kept having issues so I got there by 7; 58 ish. I was not surprised that it was not filled yet. I felt like last last we will leave by 9 but we left around 10 because people delayed and it was irritating. The email said 7; 30 so why come by 10???

Thank goodness I had my friends Tonye of and Zichat of Zichat duniya there with me, we took pictures and went to get cash in case we needed.

What to wear when going hiking to Gurara fall

Comfort is the keyyyyy!! I mean comfort is life but when going hiking, its extra life. This is not the time to wear your cool kid sneakers that are too tight or too big or pants that you have to drag up every 5 seconds.

I wore this really comfortable pants, black top, sneakers and orange socks (who wears orange socks guy) if you can’t walk comfortably with what you’re wearing, change please. You can also go for shorts as Zichat did.

Things to pack when going hiking to Gurara fall

  •    A mat, if this will not be provided for you, you need to carry one to sit on.
  •    A book – For the journey if you enjoy reading
  •     Water bottle, I mean, who goes hiking without water? You can also take really cold smoothie if you don’t have motion sickness.
  •     Swimming suit – if you don’t want to swim, I advise you to. The water feels beautiful
  •     Towel
  •  Power bank – I had to get a new one because of the trip, my phone battery is not the best and I needed to document as much as I can.
  •     Face towel and shades – the sun is not your friend guys, protect your eyes
  •     Female hygiene products – deodorants, moisturizers, sunscreen, change of underwear and the likes
  •     Hat and kimono also for the sun
  •     A speaker to keep the vibe on
  •     Food and refreshments

We started our trip around 10, we passed through Gwarimpa, Kubwa and the other areas close, the trip was about 1hr, 30 minutes, the bus was fun because of the mad speakers, good DJ and me and my friends the hype women (if you were on the bus reading this, you’re welcome). We were listening to old school music, Burna boy and the likes.

When we got to Zuma rock, there was this small holdup, allowing us to take pictures and admire the beauty of the rock, I also heard creepy stories of how its environs are hunted and they had to abandon a hotel because of that, heard anything about that?

The road was not so bad, it was Nigerian, to be honest with you and time flew so fast because we were enjoying ourselves on the bus.

On getting to the gate, we were delayed a bit because of the gate fee. Heard they were charging a lot initially but they came to an agreement and we got in. ill advice you to carry at least 1k per head to be on the safer side.

There was nothing spectacular when we first got off the bus, just some cute brick buildings, then when we started walking I was hearing the beautiful sounds of the Gurara waterfalls, wow. I thought hearing birds sing was my favorite but this was on another level. There were softness and strength, ease and peace in the sound of the mighty waterfall. It was a beauty to behold.

I took some minutes to take it in before taking pictures, I can certainly live there you guys. The hike down to the side of the waterfall started, to the side of the waterfall started, there were a lot of beautiful stones along the way and a lot of rocks! Especially towards the waterfall point, see where comfort comes to play?

We went to that side, took some pictures and saw one of the locals fishing, such an interesting view watching him try over and over again to catch a fish, for a minute I imagined if he wanted something different for his life or he was fine with the simple life. We later moved to a more relaxed sandy side where some of us let loose and was one with the water.

Downsides of visiting Gurara falls in Niger state

  1.     Come ready or be disappointed, there was not even a single place to buy refreshments or food, if you don’t come with yours, you’re pretty much on your own
  2.     There was nowhere to change, we had to look for corners and cover each other
  3.     It reminded me of how sad Nigeria is if a little bit of money was pumped there or they spend the money meant for it there that would be a great tourist attraction spot.

After swimming, enjoying the cool water, playing in it, I let the sun dry my body, moisturized, sat on the mat then ate the food that was provided for us. Watching the beautiful waterfall, eating good food, being surrounded with good company, what else could a girl ask for?

Laid on the mat for a while with Zichat and Tonye beside me, had good conversations then we played fun games and called it a day.

PS – going up was way difficult than coming down, just with life.

I had a great Saturday and I’m sure you can tell, I want to do more of this and document, will you love to read more posts like this? Any questions about Gurara falls? I’ll love to answer.

Hope you enjoyed reading because I enjoyed writing this.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Love and Light

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