5 Alarming Effects of not Educating the Girl Child About Sex

Sex education is not just a talk, it’s a series of conversation. A lot of girls like me never really got educated about sex apart from the ‘if you get close to a boy you will get pregnant’ talk, the girl child should be educated about sex depending on their age, the questions they ask and as puberty hits, help them understand their desires, why they think and feel how they feel and not shame them.

Age to Age guide of talking to your kids about sex

Teenagers are really sensitive toward changes in their appearance during puberty and with the onset of puberty, they would experience stress and negative feelings such as fear, tension, shame, and embarrassment. Increased awareness about these changes for teenagers is very important. –  Effect of peer education in school on sexual health knowledge and attitude in girl adolescents

girl child about sex

It’s very important that girls are talked to and guided throughout this phase in their life, very important, this is where a lot of parents lose their kids. That’s one of the reasons why there are a lot of badly behaved kids all over the internet today don’t even get me started on the cash me outside girl and her folks. If a parent is open to talking about sex, I bet that parent is ready to talk about everything bothering the child.

There are a lot of reasons why parents don’t educate their daughters sexually and one that keeps being said is because the parents can’t bring themselves to talk about sex, they find it awkward so they’ll rather shy away from the topic, some are scared that if they educate their daughters about sex, they may want to practice it, parents believe if they don’t mention sex until they are much older, the child will never think about sex, and then will never do it, this is like shooting yourself on the foot, some because they are embarrassed about their sex life and things that happened to them in the past. Well, this is 2018. If you don’t teach your kids about sex, someone/ the internet will and most certainly not in the right way.

It takes a certain type of strength for girls that are not educated about sex not to make terrible mistakes with sex.

girl child about sex

5 alarming effects of not educating the girl child about sex

  • A sense of guilt/discomfort/shame

A lot of parents make it clear that they are not comfortable about talking about sex because they don’t talk about it or they give shallow response to their children’s question and as stated earlier the teenage years are very curious ones, when their hormones start acting up and they can’t talk about it or have been taught to never have sex (you can’t just tell a girl not to have sex without giving her the right education about it, you need to give her the why, and the repercussions of her decision, peer pressure is very real! Almost everyone is having sex these days, you need to do better to make sure she makes the right sex decisions in her life).

girl child about sex
  • Early exposure to pornography and sex

Jean Smith, a mom of three in Aurora, Ont., was helping her 10-year-old daughter with a school project, she typed in the words “girls playing” on the computer. “You wouldn’t believe what came up,” she says. “It was shocking!” – Today’s parent

  • Holding on to rape and sexual abuse

If their parent was not there to talk about the basic things about sex how will they react to the news of sexual harassment or rape, will they make her feel better, worse, ashamed? In a society that constantly blames women for rape or sexual assault, the easiest thing to do is hide away and not talk about it. It’s easier when there has been no prior conversation about sex, how their bodies biology works, how to smell sexual predators, how it’s not their fault if they are harassed or raped, just talk to them, please. A lot of terrible things are going on in the world and lack of education is not an answer. What you don’t know can and in fact will kill you.

It also increases their risk of sexual assault, if a 4-year-old girl knows that her skirts should be down and no uncle should touch her there, taught to scream, she will most likely do that or talk to her parent if this terrible thing could not be prevented so she can get treatment immediately and it won’t happen again.

girl child about sex
  • Wrong advice with contraceptives and pregnancy

Young people are having sex despite being told not to and given different reasons not to, it’s safer and better to talk about contraceptives even if you’re advising your girl child not to have sex, explain which is better, the emergency pill (a kind of birth control that can help prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sex) in case of rape or unprotected sex, tell them everything to know about contraceptives. If they cannot open up about pregnancy to their parents They will get the wrong information from their friends and a lot of girls are wilding when it comes to abortion yo! Taking hot drinks and dry gin, using an iron bucket (I kid you not) all these terrible things that can damage their body

What you should know about birth control

  • Out of control/ death

I mentioned earlier that conversing about sex means there is a bond between the girl child and her parents; it opens the floor for other mind-boggling issues regarding their body image, bullying, drugs, friendships, social media, and their career. Mental illness is real and there is nothing like having your parent by the corner. A lot of kids don’t have that so they feel lonely, get exposed to drugs, get out of control and can lead to their death.

girl child about sex

Sex may not be the most comfortable subject to discuss with your daughter but it is certainly an important one that can change her life in amazing ways.

which other effect do you think lack of educating the girl child about sex can cause? have any tips for parents reading this? share your knowledge and improve the quality of a girls life


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