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8 Business Lessons For The Leading Woman From The Sisters Network Event

I love knowledge; I often surround myself with books and have intelligent conversations. It’s just really beautiful.

When I saw a picture on Instagram about the sister’s network hangout & book reading event, the lady entrepreneur in me knew I needed to attend. I mentioned here that I wanted to go out more, Network and I honestly prefer gaining knowledge over just chilling & sipping wine or maybe it just depends on my mood.

I arrived at MaisonTheCafe late; my Taxify driver woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m sure I was not the problem.

Leading woman

Maisonthecafe was smaller than I imagined but really cute and it had this outdoor space that I fancy. I chatted with my blogger babe chio and met Isioma of ReflectEveryday before the event started.

Adohr came to join us with our speaker Sneha Bose – she had a very warm smile and gentle personality

Unfortunately, the hard copy of the book (the little black book) was not available so we had to use one. It was passed around and we had a look.

Sneha used the board
She highlighted 8 things (chapters I think) from the book and told us to pick the 2 or 3 we had issues with.

For your sake, I will share the 8 and the lessons learned.

  1. Getting it done
  2. Overcoming creative blocks
  3. Building your brand
  4. public speaking
  5. money talks
  6. back to school
  7. networking
  8. Looking after no

Getting it done

Getting it done boils down to having smart goals in mind

Leading woman

Writing it down and following through, we all have something we want to achieve but how many of those goals have we smashed? Having smart goals makes us accountable.

Overcoming creative blocks

This was on my list, I have creative blocks once in a while and they are usually major, Adorh says she goes on a Social media detox – takes a day from social media or takes a long drive.

Indiana said she switches her form of expression if she has been indoors, going out with friends & maybe a cup of wine helps.
For this, I will tell you to think deeply and find out what makes you less stressed.

Building your brand

There are a lot of small businesses and very few brands. You have to be a brand to stand out. Some of the tips shared and also from me is to

  •  Find your voice
  • Understand what you can offer in terms of value, if you can’t add value, you can’t build authority in your niche.
  • Keep it real & authentic. No one can say your story as you can.
  • Find the social media that works for you. It may be Twitter or Instagram.
  • Be deliberate about your goals and your brand.

 Public speaking

I’m not new to speaking in public because I was a stage actress in school, one of the best actually, *flips bald head. Yass hunnay! but I have never done anything relating to public speaking with my blog/business.

Some tips I learned

  • Record yourself the day before/days before if you have an issue with talking too fast.
  • practice your speech.
  • Keep your audience’s attention span so you can pass your message across
  • Eye contact is important, Sneha said “look into the eye and go for the Kill

Money talks

This was divided into two
Earning & saving

For earning we discussed how a lot of bloggers(creatives) in general don’t know their worth.

We were advised to

  • work with brands on a low budget if it will benefit one’s brand, include it in your Cv,
  • Collaborate with bloggers so you have more visibility and credibility.

For savings

  • It’s important to document your savings, this will help you know what you spend on mostly – make you feel remorseful or bad and cut it down
  • Have a support system that puts you in check financially not every time Coldstone and pepper them on Instagram, Invest in yourself and other things
  • Set financial goals

I have been reading financial books so I don’t want to stretch this, I will make a detailed post on this later in the future, make sure you subscribe to the blog with your email so you are notified when it’s up.

Leading woman

Back to school

This was also on my list because I want to take a course in sales and marketing, turns out a lot of us wanted to go back to school to learn something new or sharpen a skill.

Online courses were advised, I have honestly never followed through with an online course but I THINK I can give it another try. you can check Coursera for online courses if you are interested.


Networking, Networking, Networking

This is on everyone’s list, according to the author of smart money woman

Your network is your net worth

but your network has to work for you, you need people that can help you grow financially, mentally and in every aspect of your life and you won’t meet them on your bed.

  • Go out
  • Start conversations with people that spark your interests
  • Engage on social media,
  • Go to the right events o, and don’t go to a strip club looking for a business proposal. Funny enough you can get one there, but you know what I’m talking about.

 looking after No 1

I didn’t really get this so I will say Look after No

You are the only one that has a say in your life, where you put a comma, full stop, or semicolon. Don’t allow rejection to mislead you, let it fuel your passion. A lot of us are scared to try because of the fear of rejection and we have to let ourselves breathe and understand that No is part of life. It only makes you weak if you choose to settle and we are fighters, not settlers. If I had settled when my blog crashed you won’t be reading this post.

After the amazing class, we took pictures, and ate some cakes from Adohr cakes and maisonthecafe strawberry peach iced tea they were amazing! We still had some conversations about blogging and business and I can say I genuinely enjoyed myself. After the event, I went for a photo shoot that produced the pictures in this post.

I hope you learned a thing or two, I will love to know what you learned, leave a comment! did you enjoy this event report? If you enjoyed and learned something please share it with your friends so they can learn.



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