A Bucket list is basically a list of things one will like to do before death, man’s not getting any younger so it can be a way of doing something out of the ordinary or just having fun, I learned about the bucket list when I watched a movie about 2 old men dying and they completed everything on their bucket list, it made them enjoy their last days.

While I’m not dying now in Jesus name, I love to do things and look back on them and tell myself I cannot believe I did that, just enjoy my life to the fullest, I have a wild side to me. If it’s not obvious already

So here are the 4 maybe creepy things on my bucket list

Have a pet Snake and Lion for a week

This is a dream! Urghhhh.. for a week because I know the excitement will fade away and I don’t want to be scared that anything can go wrong, I mean anything can go wrong in a week but you know, fingers crossed.

beautiful snakes

I want a beautiful nonpoisonous snake around my neck and me watching it feed… Can’t wait, I still don’t know if I’m going to cry for the poor rat but we will see. Then have a domesticated lion, they are so beautiful guys

Even if I can’t keep them, ill love, to hug and be with them

Do the walk of faith in China

For someone that is scared of heights, this is sick, I mean walking up the stadium scares me, it’s that bad. But what’s life without a little push. I mean even if it’s a Glass pavement built on the 4,690ft mountain for tourists in China
I’m getting chills just by writing this, I don’t know if I can do this but I will definitely push myself

Can you take the walk of faith?

photo credit Boredpanda

Pepper spray someone

I pray I don’t get to be in a situation where I’ll have to do this but I definitely want to pepper spray someone, don’t judge me. That’s why it’s a weird bucket list.

Pretend to drown in a pool after being pushed in

I already have a picture in my head of how I’m going to play it out, so if you are my friend and you don’t want to get scared, don’t push me in a pool after I said I don’t want to be inside

Hope I didn’t creep you out? What’s in your bucket list? What are you surprised about that’s here? I’ll love to know

Love & Light



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