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Life lately, Revisiting 2019 goals, Starting a YouTube channel

Almost everyone on YouTube has good skin and I started comparing myself to them. I told myself that I have a lot to share, I have stories to tell,

Revisiting 2019 goals

At the beginning of the year, I set some pretty decent goals. I think most of us did and it’s necessary to revisit the goals you set halfway into the year so you know what areas in your life you need to focus on. Half of the year is gone already and time is precious.

Here I am revisiting mine; I will advise you to do the same. You can read the complete blog post on my goals HERE – Last Notes on 2018, How to Conquer 2019 Goals

Goal 1: Build more streams of income

I got a job, and this is my main source of income. I also have a profitable freelancing business.

olotu funke, life lately, style blogger

Goal 2: Be more consistent

Haq haq haq, you dunno wah iz going on

*runs away because I am sure you are tired of my excuses*

Goal 3: Stay healthy

Welllllll… we thank God for life.

Goal 4: Face my worries and fear

I did!! I started my YouTube channel

olotu funke, life lately, style blogger

 Starting a YouTube channel

I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel since I was in university, but I didn’t. I kept postponing and waiting for everything to be right especially with gadgets and my skin – almost everyone on YouTube has good skin and I started comparing myself to them.

I told myself that I have a lot to share, I have stories to tell, I enjoy writing and expressing myself but I also want to make videos so you, my lovely audience can experience me not just by typed words on a screen but also by watching, listening and feeling.

Being able to start my channel has been so fulfilling – it is an extension of my blog but more. You will get to see a lot of fun stuff on my YouTube and relate with me on a more personal level.

So please subscribe and click the notification bell so you will get notified when I post. Make sure you watch the videos I have posted already. Leave a comment if you are already a subscriber! I want to know all my real ones. my YouTube Channel


I never wanted a 9-5 Job, I always said it in university and during my service year, it came off to a lot of people as unrealistic but look at God. I have a 9-5 job mind you but not the regular 9-5 we are used to, especially in my country Nigeria and it is in a media company, so it aligns with my passion and it is flexible.

Although it’s not rosy, it definitely has its challenges – it’s a job you take home with you after work hours and during the weekends but I enjoy it, I love my colleagues, and I love my boss.

olotu funke, life lately, style blogger

Friends and relationships

I have been single for about 10 months now, sometimes it feels like yesterday but to be honest, I don’t feel single. (I haven’t allowed my self to experience being single) If that makes sense but I want to consciously be alone because I have some things I need to deal with.

My friendships have become more deliberate and I am only keeping friends that understand that we don’t have to talk every day. I get easily overwhelmed these days and I cannot reply messages every time.

Mental health

I am not in an amazing place mentally but I am not in a bad place either. I think I am burned out and I need to travel and maybe speak to someone. I just have this feeling that I am suppressing a lot and I can explode one day.

olotu funke, life lately, style blogger

I am winging this adult thing and living life one day at a time, as the saying goes. I cannot come and kill myself. I am fine, I’m in a good place, I have peace of mind, and I started the YouTube channel I have always wanted to start and that makes me really happy so to God be my glory.

Your turn. Tell me about your life lately.


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