A Letter To A Friend – Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

I wish I could take away all your pain,

Beat up all the boys that ever made you cry,

Protect you from their lies.

I wish you listened more to me when I said, “he’s not for you, you can do better.”

I wish they had eyes so they could see how amazing you are.

I wish they can see what I see in you:

This smart, beautiful person.

But you see, they are blind.

And I wish you’d believe me when I say, “nothing is wrong with you and it’s not your fault.”

But because he’s not the first, you blame yourself and look for a fault that is not there.

Dear friend, if these boys can’t give you the love you deserve, they shouldn’t be in your life.

So please, cry if you need to, then wipe your tears and let them go.


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Olotu Funke is a baddie keen on existing fully, documenting her journey with Skin Positivity, Mental Health, Personal Style, and the Life in between.

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