Yoni massage is a type of massage that focuses on the Vulva and Vagina. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina which means ‘sacred space

In Tantra philosophy, the vagina is approached from a place of the utmost love and respect. Yoni massage is a practice intended to truly honor a woman, give her selfless pleasure, and explore the sacred side of our sexuality.

About 2 weeks ago, I received a Yoni massage, and boy oh boy!

My yoni massage experience

My Yoni Massage Experience

Before meeting up for the massage, I was nervous, I mean. A stranger’s hand was going to be in my Yoni, but I was really stressed, very stressed, working 9-5 is not easy.

Orgasms are a good stress reliever, if not the best and the inquisitive me wanted to have this experience, I felt it was going to be a good one.

On getting to the spa, he was professional with his approach and that made me feel safe and relaxed.

He asked questions about my health, allergies, and the type of massage I wanted. I imagine that would help with his choice of oils. I picked Yoni massage because., apparently it is the best on the list…  Duhhh.

Yoni massage experience

Let’s get into the Yoni massage, shall we?

He started by preparing the room ambiance, mixing the oils; about six different essential oils then the scent of the room, adding essential oils to the candle.

He bathed me with warm water so I could get used to his fingers on my sensitive body parts. He towel-dried me and carried me to the massage table.


The darkness of the room, amazing smell, and the slow, beautiful music playing were just right.

I was lying naked on the bed, face up and he started connecting our breaths – breathing in and out deeply.

He massaged my legs, my thighs, gently brushing my vagina with his hands, then my arms, fingers, and every part of my body. When it was time to stimulate my clitoris, I was already wet and I just let myself feel everything, moaning softly and gradually going loud, my nipples were not left out, they were treated how I wanted them to be treated.

My G spot was taken care of, it was an hour of pleasure and not holding back, of course, I orgasmed about 4-5 times and after that, he toweled my body and dressed me up.

I tried not to give so much information so in his words, here is what he does.

Yoni Massage described by my therapist

I start by preparing the room ambiance (sounds and smell). Then I prepare your body and mind. Then I slowly make your body relaxed and responsive to stimulating touches. A gentle and deliberate massage of erogenous zones of the body reaches a crescendo when I start massaging the vulva and then the vagina. By this time, most clients have difficulty in lying still and breathing normally as the arousal increases. When I reach the part where I stimulate the clitoris and the clitoral shaft, some cannot remain silent anymore. Then I use the technique known as edging in tantric Yoni massage to slowly massage the inner labia and then the g-spot and then the a spot and the entire vaginal canal.

I waken the chakras and oscillate between the two between the chest and the crotch. The nipples and areola are treated with tender touches and the pubic mound is generously massaged. The result is a series of mind-blowing orgasms that shatter the barriers you’ve always kept between you and the realization of your full sexual potential. You’ll surprise yourself, I tell you.


Here is why I think you should get a Yoni massage

  • It relieves stress – I mean, is there a better stress reliever than orgasms?
  • It keeps you sexually satisfied without a sexual partner, it’s not news that a lot of people enter relationships for a lot of reasons especially sex, getting yoni massage gives you orgasms and that makes you reevaluate the type of relationship you want to get into.
  • Helps with celibate ladies or body count conscious ladies – while some people think body counts should not be a thing because it’s sexist, some ladies think it is a big deal and will not want their body count to increase so yoni massage makes your vagina happy without sex
  • Oversee your body and orgasms, a lot of women still don’t orgasm from sex and it is sad. Get your orgasms!

Where to get a Yoni massage in Abuja, Nigeria

My massage therapist is @giftedhandsabuja on Instagram

An hour session costs 20 thousand Naira, he also provides a different type of massage, here is his contact so you can reach him on WhatsApp chat at only 08059608615

Tell him that Funke sent you sugar.

Soooooo, do you think you can ever have a Yoni massage? ever had one? Something you want to explore or you’re good.


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