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Eyowo, the answer to payment issues in Nigeria?

I cannot even begin to describe how many times Nigerian banks have messed me up when it comes to money

I remember going on a date with my friends who blog, theblackwriter and thoniabankz. We had a good time taking pictures, eating, and talking about the blogging community in Lagos and Abuja amongst other things at central park Abuja. It was a fun day.

When the sun started packing out of the sky, it was time to pay and go home. I was the only one with an ATM card, so everyone transferred to me, but it took 40 minutes for the money to come in- not only did that ruin my plans of going home early to make dinner, I also got a weird look from the server that was attending to us. It almost got embarrassing.

Eyowo solving money problems

I cannot even begin to describe how many times Nigerian banks have messed me up when it comes to money. I have zero patience for ATM queues and when my mobile app is down, it affects me because I run an online store, so that is why I was glad when my friend told me about how Eyowo has simplified payment issues.

Eyowo - sending money made easier

What is Eyowo?

Eyowo is a digital solution that helps you make simple day-to-day financial transactions. It makes everything with finances so simple!

Here is what you can do with Eyowo

Send Money through Eyowo

Transfer cash to any phone number or bank accounts within Nigeria. This is my favorite part of using this app. Just phone number, no account details. It makes everything easy. Surprising your friends, family and lover with money just got easier!

Receive Money through Eyowo

Get credited directly on any active phone number or bank account within Nigeria.

Request Payment through Eyowo

Request and accept payments from your customers at any time using just your phone number.

Buy Airtime through Eyowo

Recharge your phone number and those of your friends and family instantly.

Pay Bills through Eyowo

Pay your electricity, cable bills and more in the most convenient and secure way.

Make Cardless ATM Withdrawals through Eyowo

Withdraw cash at supported ATMs after generating your Eyowo Pay code and Cash-Out PIN. These codes are valid for only 24 hours. This is my second favorite feature on the Eyowo platform. Because I can be forgetful to a fault, and I get so scared of using random ATMs because of how they swallow cards, so cardless ATM withdrawals? Yes, please!

Eyowo - answer to financial problems

List of banks whose ATMs support Eyowo cardless withdrawal

ATMs belonging to the following banks currently support Eyowo’s cardless withdrawal:

The aim for Eyowo

To create financial inclusion the unbanked (people who have no bank accounts) in Nigeria. Majority of these people have no access to banks and therefore no access to financial services but Eyowo found a way to use their phone numbers to give them access to financial services so they too can start making money, spending money, and saving money! For those with bank accounts, the aim is to simplify payments.

Eyowo in abuja, Nigeria

Now to get started, you do not need a smartphone to use Eyowo, any phone that can make calls and send messages can be used to perform transactions.

Want to learn more? I will be making a detailed post on how to use the app especially the cardless ATM withdrawal. Before then, you can read about EYOWO here 

So, do you find this app as useful as I do? especially with solving the financial problems in Nigeria? Have you ever used it and plan on using it? Leave a comment, I want to know what you think!


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