8 Tips On Saving Money For Travel

I was having a conversation with my friends earlier today and I told them about my desire to travel, I just feel like breathing a different type of air, experience another culture, look at the sky from a new place and take pictures but right now it’s not happening mainly because of money but I’m sure that very soon it will happen because I’m going to start saving for travel

I’ll be sharing some tips on saving money for travel to keep me accountable and help anyone that wants to travel but is short of cash.

Give up bad spending habits

This point is my first because it’s not just going to help you save for your travel but help you live a better life. A lot of us have terrible spending habits that we need to drop already. We are getting older and right now is the time to be financially accountable, without financial accountability you can’t be a smart money woman and that will greatly affect the quality of your life.

DE clutter and sell

This is a very underrated way to make extra cash while staying sane, I don’t know if it’s just me but when I DE clutter I feel more at peace, it feels like excess baggage is off my neck, does it happen to you? You can sell unwanted clothes, bags, jewelry, laptop, home appliances that you no longer use on Instagram and JiJi to name a few.

Set monthly budget goals

This is it. Set monthly budget goals and stick to it. A good way to start this is to look at your account statement and check what you spend on mostly and divide it into two. If it’s eating out, there is rice at home, if it is on clothes and shoes. Get a store where you can get things for less like mine. I’m not bragging but I sell the most affordable clothes and shoes with amazing quality at @ShopwithOlotu on Instagram. Limit your excess spending and your future self will thank you. I promise.

Eat at home and pack your lunch

I said earlier that there is rice at home, one thing with eating outside is that a lot of people don’t like cooking so instead of eating outside all the time buy in bulk, go to food sellers and buy pots of soup, stew, and fried meat. Then you just make the basics. You can also switch up if you get tired of taste easily. Packing your lunch is something I’ve overlooked since I started working. You won’t know you’re spending a lot of money till you calculate it. Apart from saving money, you’re sure of what you’re eating.

Open a savings account or use Piggybank

My friend just did this and I’m so proud of her, for me, I use a saving app which is piggybank. It’s just convenient for me, I lock my money for months so I can’t touch it even if I’m tempted to but for people that are scared of apps, open a savings account and use it to save o

Keep a change jar at home

This is the physical piggybank, I don’t have this so I just use a handbag I don’t use frequently. Keep the change after every day in it and also unexpected money, I like going cashless because if there’s cash in my hand it finna get spent. So keeping my cash like this secures my money.

Use your car less

I don’t have a car but I know this is a way of saving more especially if your car is not in perfect condition. I use public transport most times then use Taxify when I feel like especially when there are discount codes and there are a lot of them if you know how to get one. If you’re using the app for the first time, use my discount code( WA8AB) to get 2,500 off your ride

Research your travel destination

This is the fun part, looking at pictures and thinking of the things you want to do, I want to go to Seychelles so I’m looking at the pictures of beautiful hotels I want to stay in with my best friend. Read about everything! Flight routes, hotels, culture. Cheap flights!! Cheap flights allows you affordable trip plans. Cheap flights makes everything easier. Click to get  Cheap flights to Dubai. Do your research well so you get the most from your money.

I really hope my tips will help you save for travel and read these extra tips on how to save money for travel

Here’s an info graphic you should save, you can print it out so you remember every day!

Where are you planning on traveling to? Want to share tips with us? I’ll love to hear from you!



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