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Packing light was not something that came naturally to me, I hate having regrets after traveling so I used to overpack – not wear more than half of what I packed. Overpacking has cost me money, and energy, and stressed the life out of me. With time, I have learned to pack light and since being appreciating the art of packing light and the peace of mind that comes with it so I’ll be sharing tips on not just how to pack light but how to pack light without any regrets and save flight money!

Are you ready to learn how to pack light?

Let’s go!

Choose The Right Bag For The Job

The right bag is the key element in packing light, you need to get a small Box or bag back preferably when packing, the type that contains a lot of space like these Jansport Backpacks in Nigeria  –  a little birdy told me that their bags are durable, obviously beautiful, I think they have one for every personality, and comes with a lifetime warranty. I don’t know if you can get a better deal.

Your personal style

When you choose a bag-pack for a journey, you have to make sure everything fits in, it’s like carrying little cash to the market, you make sure you spend it wisely, now that the importance of a bag-pack when traveling light is being said, let’s move on. I feel like a teacher. I’m enjoying this.

Arrange Your Outfits According To The Purpose Of Your Journey

The purpose of your journey is the main thing to keep in mind while traveling if you are going for a business meeting, then your corporate outfits are your priority, going to see your lover, Lingerie, please!  Brief essentials stock up nice ones. Do not pack for the “Maybes” maybe I’ll go for a dinner date, maybe I’ll go and swim. It’s essential to plan every day of your trip so you do not overspend and over-pack for nothing because in most cases we take our “maybe” clothes back the same way we brought them. Plan every day so you pack light.

Try-On All Your Outfits And Spread Them Out

These are underrated and very important steps, have you ever traveled and you’re ready to slay and a piece of clothing is ill-fitted or torn or stained? Remember that we are hammering on planning for every day so when this happens it will hit a nerve, it’s better to avoid this by trying on every piece of clothing you intend to carry and check properly for anything that won’t make it meet up with your expectation.

When you spread out all your outfits before packing it makes it easier to discard some things you most likely won’t need for your trip.

Leading woman

5 ways you can get more from your personal style (while spending less)

Arranging Your Clothes The Right Way

  • Fold bulky items first, while rolling helps with wrinkles, rolling bulky items takes up a lot more space so fold them as a base in your bag-pack.
  • Roll other clothing
  • Add an accessory bag, Jansport also stock nice accessories bag and Laptop Backpack
  • Use a clear bag for your toiletries so it’s easier for you to remove the ones you don’t need. Take the basics you can’t do without and are important for the purpose of your trip

Because I want you to pack light without any regrets and also save money on transportation.

Loosing my blog content and getting it back

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This was fun, hope you enjoyed reading this and you were taking notes? Ever used a Jansport bag? Did I leave something out? How do you pack light when traveling?

Sorry for the break, and I’m back for the fun and helpful posts



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