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8 Nigerian Women are Ditching Always Pad. Why & Better Alternatives

There has been an uproar online by women, especially African women on Always pad, a lot of women are ditching the pad because of several reasons and to find out more and figure out better alternatives. I interviewed 15 amazing ladies on why they are ditching or have ditched Always pad and the alternatives they are using. This first post…

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My Abortion Story – Anonymous Submission Ep.1

Abortion is a word we are all familiar with and have different opinions on. I strongly feel that connecting with women that have done this, by listening to their stories will trigger a feeling of empathy and not just entitlements to women’s bodies. I had a chat with a few women that have had abortions and here is the first…

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I used this Nigerian App to Send Money Using My phone Number

I used this Nigerian App – Eyowo to send money using my ‘phone number’. Let me explain… I spoke about Eyowo in detail HERE – Eyowo, the answer to payment issues in Nigeria? and I said I will be showing you how I use the app. Today’s post is on adding your ATM card and transferring money through phone numbers and account…

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