Dear Diary – Today was The First Day of Therapy

I was nervous but not like soo nervous. Confused? well, that makes both of us. I had a photoshoot earlier with an old friend and I almost canceled the session.

In fact, I did. She just did not see the message. My shoot was dragging and I was still nervous so I sent her a message about postponing.

30 minutes before the scheduled time I called and asked if she saw my message. She said she did not and asked if I was running late and I was like. You know what. Yes. 

With the needed push from my friend. I went and was 5 minutes late. 

Black girl on the rail

I apologized. She looked stunning in her green dress and blazer. Her red lips popping and her face shining from makeup and oil. She must have had a long day.

I started by saying I was hungry. Cause I honestly was. We were meeting somewhere I could get snacks and we both got something to eat. We complimented each other’s hair and I think that eased me up a bit. 

We sat down and I said I was nervous, I asked, how does this go? She had a look that was soft and warm yet strong and reassuring. 

She asked why I wanted the session. Now, I might be mixing up the information here. I’ll try to be as clear as I can be. 

black girl magic in Nigeria

I talked. I knew what was bothering me so I talked and talked but I started this because I needed to know more. How deep it affected my thoughts and my actions.

I wanted to feel lighter and better so I knew I had to do this to feel that way. I almost cried when I was talking about a particular issue I don’t talk about. 

I had to beg my voice not to crack and had patience with the way the words left my mouth slowly. Not that it was a bad thing.

She was on her tab writing, she told me it was important for her not to miss any details. I was fine. Anything that makes helping me easier for her.
I remember her asking how I was feeling now and what I hoped to get out of the sessions we have. 

She told me that the first sessions are somewhat an introduction. Getting to know where I’m coming from and we flow from thereon. 

She told me her story about seeing a therapist when I said I felt nervous about coming and she said it was completely understandable.

I asked how often we can see and we decided on once a week. 

The session ended on a good note and I can’t wait for the next session but I’ll be lying if I say I’m not a bit scared or maybe nervous?

Looking forward to my next session, are you looking forward to reading about it? 

Tell me if you are and share with your friends

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