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Winning the Pinterest UK Creator Fund 

I started creating – Blogging, modeling, and styling mostly in 2016 while I was studying Microbiology at Elizade University and I knew that that was not the life I envisioned for myself.

Since then I have been a creative, social media manager & Marketer, Business development manager, and social media consultant for a couple of businesses from Luxury interior decor to real estate and fashion. Currently head of Marketing at Pennee. A credit company for small business owners. 

I have had an interesting career path that started with me being creative. And also made a lot of sacrifices along the way. It’s been an interesting journey and easy is not one of the ways I will describe it. 

When I got on the call with Hannah and she told me that I was one of the winners of the Pinterest UK creator fund, I could not contain my Joy. 

I had been using Pinterest for years, it’s kept me inspired and my safe space on the internet. Since the program started, we’ve had to create content and it’s shown me how much I can create within a short period of time and overall improved my self-confidence as a creator. 

I honestly feel like the sky is the starting point. So, while I am celebrating my win with you, I would also like to encourage creators, you don’t need every eye on you, you just need the right eyes. What is meant for you, will be for you. 

One of the best things about winning the Pinterest UK creator fund is meeting fellow amazing creators that I really love and admire, I cannot wait to create with them again.

This is one of my biggest wins as a creator and my heart is so full. 

You can follow my journey on Pinterest, my username is @Funkeolotu_

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Olotu Funke is a baddie keen on existing fully, documenting her journey with Skin Positivity, Mental Health, Personal Style, and the Life in between.

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