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I used this Nigerian App to Send Money Using My phone Number

I used this Nigerian App – Eyowo to send money using my ‘phone number’. Let me explain… I spoke about Eyowo in detail HERE – Eyowo, the answer to payment issues in Nigeria? and I said I will be showing you how I use the app. Today’s post is on adding your ATM card and transferring money through phone numbers and account…

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Loving Yourself Before Getting into a Relationship

Loving yourself – Self-love, I think, is one of the most misunderstood types of love, people think self-love is a destination you get to, and that brings so much pressure on everyone. We are humans and self-love is a gradual process just like everything with life. There will be days where you amuse yourself and your confidence demands that you…

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Eyowo, the answer to payment issues in Nigeria?

I cannot even begin to describe how many times Nigerian banks have messed me up when it comes to money I remember going on a date with my friends who blog, theblackwriter and thoniabankz. We had a good time taking pictures, eating, and talking about the blogging community in Lagos and Abuja amongst other things at central park Abuja. It was a fun day.…

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