Inspirational quotes on Challenges, strength, and growth

In my last post, I spoke about conquering goals for 2019 so I want to share some of my favorite writings for inspiration on Challenges, strength, and growth.

So you can always come back to this post when you feel like you’re stuck, you lack motivation or can’t just move forward because I’ve learned that the right message can provide the drive we need to keep going when we’ve lost our zeal and life feels overwhelming.

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A Story – Red wine and flowers

A story

She’s the one!.. the other girl whispered loudly  “maybe they just look alike”

I heard them, I was buying cereals at the supermarket, it’s been 3 months, I thought no one would recognize me.

I quickly wore my big D&G sunglasses, adjusted my already sagging silk scarf, made way for home crying as I drove

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