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5 Things I’m Grateful for even with…

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Today, I woke up feeling very bad. For my health, still feeling weak, for not having control over that, even when I’m doing the right things.

I told my teammates I won’t be able to work, I wanted to stay in bed and just sulk all day.

I did till I remembered that I had to take my drugs which means having breakfast.

Went downstairs, heard some good news about the family. It lifted my spirit a bit and it sort of got better from there.

I caught myself smiling and I felt gratitude at that moment.

Here are 5 things I am grateful for even with all the crazy things happening.

I’m Grateful for my Health

Days back, I was admitted to the hospital, in so much pain, I’m not as strong as I would like to be but I’m not in unbearable pain, I’ve been discharged and I even cooked for myself today!

It’s so easy to look at what I want to achieve, where I want to go to and forget what I’ve overcome already. Do better, Funke.

I’m Grateful for my Work

For the ease that comes with working with the people I work with, the understanding, the lack of judgment & the togetherness.

I’m Grateful for family and friends

They always have me, there are things I don’t have to worry about because I know I have people with me, people that love me, and I trust to be there for me.

I’m Grateful for self-awareness

Being able to call me out when I’m slipping into a dark place. it takes a certain level of self-awareness, I did not have this in the past.

Grateful for cooking

Yes, I said cooking. I never really liked cooking, that is changing, I find myself not overthinking things when I am, and just creating something beautiful from scratch lifts my spirit.

I’m going to spend my day resting, watching anime, and talking to the people I love.

What are you grateful for today? Tell me

Pictures were taken by Kennedy Amaku wearing Anike Ologe

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