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My Abortion Story – Ep.3

It’s such a complicated thing really. I sometimes imagine keeping the first child, he/she would have been also 5 years old.

“Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

This is the third episode in the Abortion series, please read with an open mind and share with a friend if you enjoyed it

Why did you decide that you were going to get an abortion?

So I’ve actually done it twice and hopefully will never do it again because I’m never having sex again. Lol. The first time, I was in 300L. I knew I was not ready to be a mother. The second time was earlier this year. I’m more stable financially now but still not mother material. So I just didn’t want to do that to an innocent child

her abortion story

Which method was your abortion? 

The first time, it was surgical. It was so difficult getting a doctor, my then-boyfriend and I searched for days and were considering using drugs before we finally found a clinic. The 2nd time, I used drugs. Both methods were painful and I bled for weeks afterward and I just felt really messed up in general.

Did your partner know about this, was he fully involved and did this affect the relationship 

The first time, yes my partner was aware and really supportive. He was the only one who knew about it and we went to the clinic together and everything. I don’t think it really affected our relationship, we broke up for a different reason. We never made each other feel guilty about the decision.

The second time, I wasn’t in a relationship with the guy, we were friends with benefits. And yes it affected the “relationship”. He got the drugs for me but went for a vigil the night I took it and left me alone in his house. I’m not even kidding. And the pain for the first few hours after taking it is crazy. After the procedure, I realized he wasn’t worth the trouble so I’ve been single and celibate since then.

What do you think people should consider when judging women that have abortions

I think people should know that they probably have someone in their lives who has had an abortion, even married women. No one sets out to get an abortion, it’s just something you have to do when there’s no choice.

I’m curious, do you regret having your abortion? 

It’s such a complicated thing really. I sometimes imagine keeping the first child, he/she would have been also 5 years old. But Nah, I don’t regret it. I regret the 2nd one though, I could have prevented it but I was careless

What were you not prepared for that happened after the abortion? 

The bleeding. All the bleeding. Especially with the D & C

What was one thing you wished you had after your decision 

 I wish I had someone to talk to after the second time. I cut the guy off and no one else knew about it. I was also really stressed at work then and was having serious anxiety. Altogether, not the best time of my life

Will you ever have an abortion again? 

 I’ve done it twice so never again

Final words for anyone considering having an abortion

Buy a lot of sanitary pads. Lol. Seriously, be absolutely sure of your decision. I was sure and still felt some guilt after, especially the 2nd time. And don’t judge yourself too hard. Just make better choices as you move forward.

What are your thoughts on Abortion? has reading these stories changed your mind on abortion?


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