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Lessons From An Event On Leadership and Protocols

I was invited to an event at the civic lab by one of the speakers. I didn’t know what the event was going to be about and That was one of the most knowledgeable events I’ve ever been to.

First to speak was Pastor Rotimi

He spoke extensively on leadership; developing a leadership mentality and capacity. I’ll share my notes with you because it’s important to fuel your soul with words you don’t hear every day.

How to Develop a leadership mentality

Don’t have an entitlement mentality:

Stop feeling entitled to people’s help, he hammered on the fact that students should start building their brand from school, he left home at 14 and since then he struggled to go the university and become the man he is today. He didn’t feel entitled to anyone holding his hand to help make his dreams come through.

Forget age and race, when you need to learn an important skill, humble yourself.

He gave an example of how he had bad handwriting so he told the guy with the best handwriting to write A-Z for him in the capital and small letter and after a month. His handwriting was as good. I’m going to try this one because my handwriting looks like where chickens fight.

Be confident with your stage because it’s not your final stop

This point really got me because sometimes I feel somehow for the lack of a better word about my journey. This spoke to me. Be confident with every step you take. It’s not your final stop because if you don’t do things with confidence it will affect your results.

The easiest way to generate an idea in life, leadership, business and in the nation is to discover your passion, be deliberate about the passion and let it transfer into a purpose
Passion + Planning +Mentor ship = Purpose

He ended his speech by answering questions and telling us to read this book. School of money by Olumide Emmanuel.

Then it was time for Mrs. Dayo Benjamin Laniyi

Mama D spoke about her humble beginning as a Corp member, when she decided to serve in a church and not other places. How her husband found her and now she’s a mother of 4

Her message was very different from what I’ve heard before. She spoke about protocols

Embrace the protocols

Mind your language

I have to say that I was careless in this department if something needed to be said I just say it. I’m not a rude person so I imagine I was not rude but I was also not mindful of my language. I’m putting more effort into that.

Voters card

She really hammered on getting your voters card and the power in our hands as youths. A lot of youths do not think a lot of their votes. They feel they don’t count so why should they vote or not sell their votes. She mentioned that we forget that the problems our parents are complaining about will soon be our problems as we get older. She gave an example of our heart and asked how important it is. If someone gives you 1 billion dollars will you give them your heart? since “money is so important“ of course no one will.  protect your vote like your heart.

Via Twitter

The event is one that taught me a lot. I’m so happy I was opportune to attend and I hope you learned something that will develop you and encourage you to do better.

Which point did you relate with the most? Are you ready to be teachable and not jealous? To be confident in your journey and never to give your space up? I hope you are because I am.

Gentle reminder that if you’re breathing and trying to be better, you’re doing enough.

Love and light



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