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I used this Nigerian App to Send Money Using My phone Number

I used this Nigerian App – Eyowo to send money using my ‘phone number’.

Let me explain…

I spoke about Eyowo in detail HERE – Eyowo, the answer to payment issues in Nigeria? and I said I will be showing you how I use the app.

Today’s post is on adding your ATM card and transferring money through phone numbers and account details.

Before you can use the Eyowo app to make any transaction, you must fund your Eyowo wallet.

How to fund your Eyowo Wallet

1. It showed add a card and I added the details of my card,

2. I was asked for my card pin,

3. A six-digit number was sent to the phone number I used to register,

4. Then I was asked for the amount that was debited from my account which was less than 20 naira to confirm the card,

5. My card was successfully added.

How to transfer money through Eyowo app

How to transfer money with Eyowo app through Phone Number

On opening the App, you see quick actions which are

Fund Eyowo, Buy Airtime, Send to phone, Send to the bank.

Click on ‘send to phone

it immediately shows your phone contacts and you can enter a phone number if you don’t have the number saved.

After selecting the contact, it shows enter amount and transaction remark. you can choose to Notify the recipient via SMS for N5.00 and WhatsApp for N15.00

Sending money through a phone number is very easy and immediately after it was sent, a chat was initiated with the recipient.

How to transfer money with Eyowo app through bank transfer

• You select the bank, input the account number and the transaction details.

• It had a lot of banks I had never heard about especially Microfinance banks so, for those sending money to family in the rural areas, this app is amazing.

• It costs 39.50 Naira for bank transfers

And for credit, I topped up with 100 Naira and received 5-naira bonus

Few things to note about the Eyowo App

• I can open the app with my fingerprint, it logged me out almost immediately after leaving the app because of security and the fact that I do not have to be typing my password made me happy.

• The transfer fee was lower than the regular transfer fees, the way that 55.50 Naira pisses me off when I send money to someone, you will think its 50,000 Naira. 39.50 Naira is welcomed.

The person needs to have the Eyowo app and can also access the money by dialing *4255# and setting their pin

Get the Eyowo App here

Overall, the app is exciting, saves me money on transactions no matter how little and I hope to explore more and share with you.

Will you be trying this app soon? I will love to know.

Love and Light,



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