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How to deal with Job Disappointment after NYSC

Disappointment after NYSC seems to be the order of the day and it’s just getting worse with the economy going downwards, I went for a job interview about 3 weeks before my passing out parade, it was a writing job and I was selected among the ‘accepted applicants’ I was happy, I was overwhelmed, joyful, I wanted to shout on top of my lungs.

In some days’ time it was my 20th birthday, then my passing out parade and I was going to start a job I love the next month, talk about a dream come through, I was in love with the space in the office, the people, the vibe, the artworks, the location.

But sadly I received news that they had to drop half of us after my birthday, I was sad, I cried; lucky for me, I had friends over to console me and cheer me up.

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Your girl kept wishing I was not accepted there and then instead of being hopeful and not looking for other job opportunities.

I was disappointed and I felt I was not good enough because if I was I should have been picked among the selected people.

It got me down for a while but I had to get back up, I’m not used to being defeated by anything life throws at me, so I will be sharing how I got past these disappointments and how you can even if it’s just job hunting.

I had to validate what I was feeling

A lot of people were like better opportunities will come, you’re still young, the fact that I’m 20 makes some people say go and sleep, you have enough time to figure yourself out but that’s not the spirit I have, I want the things I want, I don’t see myself as a ‘young so I should be comfortable‘ Lady or someone that needs to take time, time is expensive.

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I had to tell myself that it’s fine that I am deeply hurt over this even if certain people around me don’t get it. It’s important to do this because if not you’ll feel like you’re overreacting and just let it slide and the pain will linger somewhere, it’s important to let bad energy or sadness go completely.

Think of a plan, what’s next? 

Before I finished NYSC, there were things that I wanted to do, skills that I wanted to build, my main focus was not to get a 9-5 job but I was open minded to one that I was passionate about with a good pay that I can use to support myself and business so I had to go back to my board and restructure what I wanted to do like go to fashion school, focus on my store and learn a new skill I will reveal later on the blog.

So sit down, go to your drawing board, do you really want a 9-5 job? Go back to school? Want to learn a new skill? Want a way to make money before traveling so you don’t stay idle? Want to start your business? Or you just want to chill now and be a baby girl or Babyboy.

It’s important to be sure of your answer so you can resist the urge to compare yourself with your mates when they are moving forward and it feels like you’re still in the same position but you’re really just building.

Surround yourself with positivity and people that want to see you grow

Stop the comparison, you don’t know people’s-under story

Block and mute certain people if they are intimidating you; selfish or whatever, your mental health is important, it’s easy to fall into depression when you feel like you’re not moving or doing enough.

Don’t be idle, had a conversation with my friend and she told me how important it was to be active, even through just exercising.

Don’t get sad because you  have  uncles or aunties that can help you but they have refused to, in the end, no one owes us anything in life, they should do better but if they have choose not to, you move.

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You are not alone in the search for a job or whatever it is you want, your journey is different and your time will come. I promise you. Just keep improving and working on yourself.


From an unemployed Nigerian youth.

Love and light baby

Your time will come.

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