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An Ode to 22

I was going to come and talk about how I got admitted days after my birthday but I didn’t know what to say after that, that’s why I’m saying it like this 

Here’s a picture Justin Jamgbadi took of me in Obudu mountain resort wearing anikeologe 

It feels like the peace of mind to me. 22 came with so much growth, so many lessons, clarity, peace of mind and so much respect for myself that younger me would be proud of & shaking her small bum in joy. 

Also, me being inconsistent here. part of that has been wanting to write perfect blog posts and I am letting go of that. I am not perfect if that exists.

I’m the hardest person on myself but even I recognize this lady I’m becoming and I’m in awe of her grace. 

An ode to 22, Hoping 23 brings me more ease, more money, more laughter, more accomplishments & more strength because wanting more will need more. 

Never forget that there’s no success without effort. Life will not fall on your lap for just existing, if you want a better life, you keep going for it and if you are, you’ll bloom soon. 

I wish you good health and all your heart desires

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