A lot of Womxn that come across me on social media tend to thank me for my honesty and how bold I am. The thing is, I am not trying to be bold & honest. I am just living and sharing.  My existence is outside the lines of societal norms, I have come to embrace that I am different and not regarded as a proper African womxn. what is that anyway?  Funke is fueled by a passion that is focused on growth in every aspect of women’s lives. She talks about the part of girls we don’t talk about, thriving in a society fixated on a faux perception of perfection and help ladies celebrate their individuality through their personal style while exploring spaces and documenting living.  She is a social media influencer, Blogger, YouTuber & Brand storyteller. I want to be a source of inspiration for womxn who refuse to settle for anything less than living on their own terms.

So maybe you 

  • Are looking for space where talking about women bodies and sex is normal
  • Love reading stories about other amazing women breaking gender norms 
  • Are looking to unlearn Misogyny and exist fully in your femininity 
  • Absolutely enjoy contents on personal style, skincare & Exploring spaces?

Trust me, you are in the right place.

Some things I believe in 
  1.  I believe everyone deserves equal respect and should be treated the same way regardless of their religion, gender, or sexuality.
  2. I believe that Yam and Egg slaps and is probably the best food for breakfast. 
  3. I believe that people should stop pointing out other people’s body flaws because we are aware already.

So, if you are tired of society not letting you breathe.  I am here to tell you that I see you and you are not alone.