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This is a Female Development & Personal Style blog, talk about the part of girls we don’t talk about, posts with knowledge on how to heal from bad experiences and be better, deal with the depression and anxiety of growing up with acne in a society fixated on a faux perception of perfection and help ladies stay comfortable with their personal style.

Skin care

I’ve been struggling with pimples & acne for years now, during this period I’ve been able to discover some hacks that work and I will be sharing with you, so you learn and the community can learn from you.

Value your Vagina

My Educational background as a Microbiologist and interest in the vagina makes this aspect very educating and fun. I carry out my researches diligently because I detest wrong information being spread about a place as delicate and important as the vagina.

Personal Style

How to Find, accept and own your personal style


I will love to work with brands that are created with the sole aim of making life easier for an average lady in mind. Female hygiene brands, skin care, female development workshops, Fashion brands, female empowerment and the likes.

Does your brand have this Aim? Contact me.


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