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I am sure you have heard the phrase that January is 3 months, I think this is a thing because everyone spends a lot during Christmas and forget about the new year

Don’t be that person that is already broke in the first or second week of January. I am going to be sharing

10 ways on how you can spend wisely this festive season

1. Draw up a budget for everything, for saving, for gifts, for concerts, everything!

2. Buy everything on sales, the biggest sales are currently going on so you can use that opportunity to purchase things you NEED for the new year and gifts for your loved ones. Not things you fancy, the things you need. if you search well enough. You will find what you are looking for.

3. Pay your debts, you really don’t want to enter the new year with any debt, this will make January so hard for you.

4. Schedule your payment so when money comes there will not be story that touch. Especially if you are an employer or you have family members to send money to. You can do that Using the Eyowo App, I wrote about the App in details here.

5. You don’t have to attend every concert and Owambe, you will not die if you miss one or two.

money this festive season

6. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. You can save on the Eyowo App and get up to 13% interest rate for recurring safe and 17% interest rate for fixed safe.

7. Review all your financial failures and work on them

8. Start budgeting for 2020, this is something I don’t usually do because I think deep down I might be ashamed of how much I spend on Uber and data. I have decided to do that for 2020 and if you will like a detailed post on how to let me know.

9. Budget something for you. Keyword is budget. Don’t spend carelessly because you want to spoil yourself. Yes! You deserve to spoil yourself but have a budget

10. No go they do pass yourself (Don’t overdo) don’t spend money on things you cannot afford. Saying ‘I cannot afford that” is not a crime.

Which tip did I leave out? Share yours! I will love to know how you save during the festive period


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  • Posted December 10, 2019 12:37 am
    by Eromonsele Emmanuel

    But how can we do detty December with these budgets? 😅

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