I am one of the girls you meet and do not mind throwing and using the word Vagina a lot, we talk about sex generally so we can as well talk about the Vagina thriving.

I’ve always been passionate about the vagina which is why my microbiology final year seminar was centred on the vagina and I learnt a lot during my research so I’m not just dropping points from my head.


A lot of conversations I’ve had about the vagina have made me conclude that a lot of women don’t know their Vagina.


Firstly, the Vagina is the passage inside your body, not the exterior part, that’s the vulva.

Here are the 3 things you must know To Get a Thriving Vagina


Your Hygiene Can Mess Up Your Vagina

It’s important to have a good hygiene but when it comes to the vagina the definition of good hygiene is washing with warm water and using your hands. No soap, no sitting on hot water so the steam can “cleanse” your vagina. It’s not a piece of meat that you want to wash, do not barbeque your Vagina.


No douching – inserting your hands into the vagina to wash, the vagina is a self-cleaning oven, douching can throw the Vagina’s pH off balance; pH of the vagina is 4.5. It’s acidic and supposed to remain acidic to enable the Lactobacillus sp (the good guys) fight off the opportunistic microorganisms that cause infections.


Chill with the scented soaps, the vagina was not designed to smell like scented candles.it has an odour but not an offensive one. Scented products can also throw the Vagina’s pH off balance.

If you MUST use soap which a lot of Gynecologists advise against, use a mild soap, not antibacterial soap.

The vagina cleanses itself so trying to help her can cause more harm than good, we are actually lucky that the vagina is a very forgiving organ like Dr Jacqueline Walters from married to medicine said HERE so that’s why a lot of women are still getting away with doing the most to it. Because you’re not seeing the effects yet does not mean there won’t be.

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Diet Can Alter The Smell And Taste Of Your Vagina

There was a time that eating pineapples were said to give the vagina a pleasant taste, this is true because oils come out through the pores of the vagina.

There are certain foods that can break the vagina and give off disturbing odour and/or bad taste, that includes Asparagus and spices.

If you cannot break down the oil found in seafood (and there are probably about 10% of women who just cannot break that oil down) you’ll get that seafood smell or seafood taste. – Dr Jackie

While fruits, a lot of water, vegetables and yoghurt are major players in helping the vagina maintain a pleasant odour/taste. Yoghurt contains Lactobacillus which is the main microorganism protecting the Vagina so consuming yoghurt makes that baby girl happy.

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Vulva Looks Weird

There are no two women with the same vulva

If you’re worried that your labia is too chubby, wrinkly or saggy, stop fretting—there is no archetype of the perfect vagina. “There are hundreds of thousands of shapes and sizes of what a vulva should look like, so it’s what’s normal for you,” – Gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, M.D. and author of the upcoming Complete A to Z for Your V –  Said HERE

The inner and outer labia can vary in length, size, and colour.

You need to be confident with the size or colour of the vagina that you have, in fact being confident with how your vagina looks is the first step to helping her thrive.

I Hope you have learned a thing or two. have more tips to share with the ladies? leave a comment and please use the sharing buttons below to encourage me and help your female friends take better care of their Vagina.