scented candles - best gifts for girlfriends

I am happy to be writing this post on the best gifts for girlfriends, It’s one thing to buy birthday gifts for your girlfriend and its another to buy her gifts that she wants and will appreciate forever.

Now this list is for both romantic relationships and friendships. They are both important in this space.

I asked my followers what they will like as birthday gifts and I got a ton of replies from shares to spa dates to sex toys.

It is important to know who your girlfriend is to know what she will love, let’s dig in!

Here are 20 best gifts for your girlfriend that she will absolutely love

Gifts that keep giving – Shares, bonds, patent, industry machinery relating to her business and the likes, this type of gift for girlfriends! I will say is for women that are financially conscious, while it is one of the most important gifts, everyone will appreciate it differently.

Romantic trip – this is an ideal gift for your girlfriend I tell you, just the two of you or a group of close friends going on a trip to a location she must have mentioned before. Romantic locations like Bali, Indonesia and if you do not have the budget for that it can be a weekend getaway within your town to someplace quiet.

Romantic trip - best gifts for girlfriends

Sex toys – A lot of men are not open to sex toys because they feel intimidated but it’s 2019 so instead of feeling intimidated you can start accepting that a sex toy adds spice to your sex life which affects the relationship positively.

toy,Romantic trip - best gifts for girlfriends

A spa day – I even want a spa day right now, a girl can never enough spa days and giving your girlfriend a spa day is one of the best gifts because it just relaxes her and prepares her for the exciting part.

Customized accessories – From love bracelets to wristwatch to neckpieces that have her or both of your names or a quote from you to her on it, is a romantic gift for girlfriends to cherish, also the nice ones that you get to keep half.

Best gifts for girlfriends

Home décor items – Scented candles, cute throw pillows with her face or both your face on it, artworks, her pictures framed, a customized mug and all that cute stuff you can get her face on in her or your home are all thoughtful birthday gifts

scented candles - best gifts for girlfriends

Handwritten letter – this is the most inexpensive and romantic gift on the list and in like forever. If she’s turning 21, it can be 21 reasons why I love you and the likes. This will make her smile trust me and you can spray it with your cologne, so it smells like you. You are welcome.

Perfumes – After chocolate, maybe perfumes are a girl’s best friend, I could not count the number of times I saw perfumes. Know the type of scent your girlfriend loves and gift her that on her birthday, hopefully, it comes in cute packaging and if it does not get one, the packaging is important.

scented candles - best gifts for girlfriends

A Bouquet of flower & Chocolates – I think this is the go-to for a lot of people, adding a handwritten note and customized jewelry will sure spice it up.

Bouquet of flower & Chocolates

Shopping spree – this will make a girl happy and I understand that everyone has a budget so you can buy her shoes, dresses, and hair instead and when you have your coins, spoil her silly.

Hardcover books, Jotters – You know your girl must be a book worm to appreciate gifts like this, find out her current favorites and surprise her on her birthday.


An Erotic strip tease – Does she have a sexual fantasy? Now will be the time to fulfill that, for example. I have a thing for men in Uniform. Give an erotic striptease wearing a uniform.

FOOD – listen, food is important if you are not taking her out to eat, restaurants or picnic. You are cooking at home and feeding her till she cannot move.


The latest iPhone, that is iPhone 11 pro max at this moment I think but for whenever you are reading this.

Something she really needs. Cliché but yes, sometimes we get lost in getting fancy gifts that we forget what our friends truly need. Is it a laptop? Smoothie maker, Mifi? The needs are the most essential parts of this list.




Gift cards

Skincare products

Monthly subscription; Netflix, Phone and the likes

I hope from the bottom of my heart that this post helps you with getting the best gifts for your girlfriends

Ladies, I know you are reading, let me know which gift is the best for you on the list and if it’s not here, leave a comment below.


Love and Light,