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pregnant woman - babymoon

Where to Spend Your Next Babymoon

Are you expecting your first (second or third) baby? Well, you know your life is about to change but surely in a good way. You and your significant partner are preparing for the late-night feedings, diaper duties, and numerous sleepless nights. In the heat of these all, a babymoon might be what the doctor prescribed.

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8 Tips On Saving Money For Travel

How to save money for travel

I was having a conversation with my friends earlier today and I told them about my desire to travel, I just feel like breathing a different type of air, experience another culture, look at the sky from a new place and take pictures but right now it’s not happening mainly because of money but I’m sure that very soon it will happen because I’m going to start saving for travel

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Packing light was not something that came naturally to me, I hate having regrets after traveling so I used to overpack – not wear more than half of what I packed. Overpacking has cost me money, energy and stressed the life out of me. With time, I have learned to pack light and since being appreciating the art of packing light and the peace of mind that comes with it so I’ll be sharing tips on not just how to pack light but how to pack light without any regrets and save flight money!

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