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Female Development and Style

A Letter To A Friend – Dear Friend


 Dear Friend,

I wish I could take away all your pain,

Beat up all the boys that ever made you cry,

Protect you from their lies.

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Questions From Her – A Slice of Heaven

Is something wrong with me?

Because I am the one.

The one men come to when they want a slice of heaven

When it’s time to let go of it all

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How to Treat Yourself – Poetry

“Inner arsonist” – Painting ©2015 by Helenka

What do you do when you are tired of how you treat yourself?

You breathe, calm down and listen to yourself.

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A letter to my younger self


I write this at 8; 27 am, Saturday, January, 2019 thinking of where I am now and smiling at myself, midway tears gather in my eyes and I  let them out.

Dear younger self

This is a letter from me to you.

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