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Female Development and Style
Lessons from past relations

7 Lessons From My Past Relationships – Rose

Hey Guys! I hope you have been keeping Safe with the pandemic. Please don’t forget to sanitize your hands and stay at home. In today’s post. I asked some people for lessons from their past relationships and I plan to make it a thing on the blog. I hope you would enjoy these lessons and learn from them. Today, we…

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Life lately, Revisiting 2019 goals, Starting a YouTube channel

almost everyone on YouTube has good skin and I started comparing myself to them.I told myself that I have a lot to share, I have stories to tell,

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4 maybe creepy things on my bucket list

A Bucket list is basically a list of things one will like to do before death, man’s not getting any younger so it can be a way of doing something out of the ordinary or just having fun, I learned about the bucket list when I watched a movie about 2 old men dying and they completed everything on their bucket list, it made them enjoy their last days.

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How to deal with Job Disappointment after NYSC


Disappointment after NYSC seems to be the order of the day and it’s just getting worse with the economy going downwards, I went for a job interview about 3 weeks before my passing out parade, it was a writing job and I was selected among the ‘accepted applicants’ I was happy, I was overwhelmed, joyful, I wanted to shout on top of my lungs.

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Sex As A Form Of Therapy to Girls And How To Heal

Sex as therapy

I was having a conversation with some women on sex and self-esteem. Reading my post on sexuality means I encourage women to accept their sexuality but this conversation was the reason behind why some ladies are very sexual. And God bless that day, a strong and amazing soul was ready to share her story with me centered on this issue.

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