Child bride

Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-41), The Child Bride. Most people simply don’t know the extent of the problem. An estimated 25,000 child marriages occur every day. That’s mind-boggling, so much so that to many people it becomes abstract, unreal. Gavin weston


Innocent and Behind Bars

Artist: Hiromi Andrew There was something about her, Miss Stella Samson. Even though I disliked her all so blunt mouth and bad attitude, there was something about her eyes, that day I caught a glimpse of them when I was heading for the ladies room, I saw her leaving and then our eyes met, I… Read More Innocent and Behind Bars


Bad Habits

Artwork by fidostudio A change in bad habits leads to a change in life. Jenny Craig These are some of my bad habits that am trying to quit, no one is perfect and it’s completely okay for anyone to be surprised and not surprised…lol..If you have similar bad habits, it’s time for us to stop. Drinking… Read More Bad Habits


With my love…

Artwork – Molly Harrison I looked only at the good side, forgetting you’re human. Praised your kind words, giving excuses for the wrong ones. Showed you so much love,that was all I had to give. Left it all for you, like I forgot all life’s lessons. You helped me then


Divulgence of an Afican girl

 Artwork by Sam Spratt – “Quvenzhané Wallis Study” They made me feel guilty for being a girl I was told to cover my body. For it can seduce the boys. Wear long skirts, else am a slut They taught me shame