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agege bread burger restaurant review

Is The Agege Bread Burger Worth The Hype!??

On Friday, I went on a date with the fit priest and we decided to visit Urban loft Abuja. I had come across an ad from the urban loft with their special Agege bread burger and it immediately pricked my interest. I wanted to try it so bad and I did. The urban loft is located at House of Freeda,…

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How to deal with Job Disappointment after NYSC


Disappointment after NYSC seems to be the order of the day and it’s just getting worse with the economy going downwards, I went for a job interview about 3 weeks before my passing out parade, it was a writing job and I was selected among the ‘accepted applicants’ I was happy, I was overwhelmed, joyful, I wanted to shout on top of my lungs.

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