Waking up to see my website down was the worst thing I’ve had to see his year.

This was the second time having domain issue; I lost my old domain name years back on Godaddy when I could not pay because Nigerian cards were being declined and my domain transfer failed.

Tears rolled down my cheeks when I discovered that my contents were gone, the crappy customer service from the Qserver rep I contacted added to my pain.
Removed my website link from my social media handles and said I was not sure I’ll ever blog again.
Something in me knew I was not done blogging and the loads of positive message I got from a lot of readers on Instagram inspired me, might have dropped a tear or two.
It’s fulfilling to know that I have been helping people in my own little way. I never want another blogger to go through this, it’s not a good place to be in, imagine remembering an article you wrote which you’re proud of going off. With a lot of thoughtful comments, some had over 100 amazing comments.
For you not to be in my place here are

Tips for bloggers to secure their website


Be sure you’re ready to get self-hosted

Staying on WordPress or blogger platform is free and secured, you shouldn’t have any problem if you don’t forget your password.
Being self-hosted is another ball game. You have to pay for a domain name (www.olotufunke.com) and hosting (your small slice on the internet) although if you don’t have enough funds to pay a website designer you have to do it yourself which builds you but frustrates you more and if you’re not very careful. You can harm your website in the process.
I’ll tell you to pay for professional help if you can, ask your blogger friends to assist and watch tons of Youtube videos.
Be sure that you are ready for the hard work and commitment.

Get a good hosting service

This can make or break your website, if your site always goes down it will affect your visitors which will make your brand suffer, it’s important to get a good one, some of my favorite bloggers swear by Bluehost.
Its compatibility with WordPress gives it a big plus, the top class customer service and free domain name for life among others.
But I find Bluehost to be quite pricey, I’m Nigerian so the exchange rate does not favor me so I went on a serial search for a dependable Nigerian hosting service provider because I don’t want any payment issue and a tech friend told me about Gigalayer 
Immediately went to check them out and they promised quality. What bought me was the option to have my domain transfer done by them.
Remember how my first domain transfer failed? Having the professionals do it for me was like a dream come through. For a year hosting package& domain name transfer, I paid 13,500. That’s a good price if you ask me.
Their customer service was reliable, I kept disturbing them for no reason until the transfer was successful. Everything had to be perfect.

Backup your website

If I had done this there wouldn’t have been any problem but nope. I didn’t. I have decided to stop being harsh on myself. I cannot come kill myself and blaming myself won’t fix anything.

Paying for hosting in advance

When you have the money pay for another year in advance, it’s safer especially if your hosting service is not from your country, if I had paid in advance for my first domain name on Godaddy, the mess that occurred wouldn’t have – could not pay at that period because Nigerian cards were being declined.

After setting up your website, some extra tips for you

  • Keep your passwords to yourself
  • You should update your widgets – Reduce your risk of getting hacked.
Getting my website up and running was the only thing I thought I needed to do to enjoy blogging again; I stopped focusing on the negative bits like losing my content and realized that everything happens for a reason.
God gracefully breaks us to put us in our right place.
But I was stuck! My head was all over the place. It was another chance for me, this has to be my best blog, it had to be perfect. There was so much pressure on me by myself that I could not write anything.
There was a fear of what I was writing is not good enough for the standards that I promised to achieve, the type of value I want to deliver to my readers and what I want my brand to represent.
I will tell you how I got over my fears and insecurities in another post, I’m not one to write long posts and this is already long.
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