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This is a space where Fashion is being paired with poetry, the two things that helped with my low self-esteem and broken heart.

You’ll read how the simple things in life create beautiful words, how to enjoy walking out of pain and dance under your rain, the beauty of being a Feminist and the irritating bits.

Skin care

I’ve been struggling with pimples & acne for years now, during this period I’ve been able to discover some hacks that work and I will be sharing with you, so you learn and the community can learn from you.

Value your Vagina

My Educational background as a Microbiologist and interest in the vagina makes this aspect very educating and fun. I carry out my researches diligently because I detest wrong information being spread about a place as delicate and important as the vagina.


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Hi! I'm Funke, a Stylish Feminist who writes poetry, loves showing the strength of art and writes about the vagina
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