About Me

My first piece was written when my heart was bleeding after a lover left. It was a Mix of words from a broken hearted girl and her self-esteem that she left all over the place.

One day.

I was tired of feeling invincible and ugly; Fashion became my revenge, I wanted attention, I quickly went from a dead fresher to one of the best dressed ladies in school. My style was what you’ll call Crazy, weird, and different.

Years later, I saw myself in another light; I remembered how my mother washed my skin with her sweat and oiled it with her tears. I discovered that I was built with precious stones carefully placed head to toe. I found the love and acceptance I was looking for in myself, for myself.

The things that pushed me to dress in certain ways no longer did.

It has been a constant struggle of finding my personal style. Is this really you or that broken girl that craves attention.

A lot of people do not realize that personal style is not something you’re born with, it’s influenced by everything you’ve gone through like the other things in life.

I’m on a journey to understand mine and take you along on the journey so you can also understand that style is Deep and not like what social media portrays it to be (Fancy, vain & Trendy).