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A man who both spends and saves money is the happiest man because he has both enjoyments

– Samuel Johnson

Thanks to Eyowo, it is now possible for you to save, spend and access money however, anywhere and anytime. Eyowo is a digital solution that helps you with your day-to-day transactions. It is very simple.

Eyowo provides modern, reliable and secured financial services to anyone with a phone number. Yes, you heard that right. With just your phone number, you can save, spend, receive, and even borrow money, even without a bank account.

It is like your normal commercial bank just that they are more innovative, provide you with convenient access to your money anytime anywhere, and ensure that spending, saving and borrowing money is not difficult.

5 Reasons You Need to Download the Eyowo App

Eyowo App Provides Financial Services for All

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On Eyowo, you can save, transfer, receive and spend money. You can save money on your own terms with Eyowo and watch the money grow. It also allows you to conveniently pay for your Internet, electricity, and cable TV subscriptions. What’s more, you can receive and transfer money to any bank account or phone number in Nigeria.

Eyowo App is Available on All Devices

Statistics show that 56% of the adult population in Nigeria do not have access to smartphones. But this is no problem. Eyowo can be accessed on all devices – smartphones, feature phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc. Just as long as you have a working and NCC-registered phone number, you can receive and make payments on the platform.

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You can borrow money

Eyowo takes its services up a notch higher by adding borrowing to the current financial options they have. The platform wants to help you save money, but it also wants you to be able to access funds when you run out. And unlike your regular bank loans, Eyowo gives out loans with zero interest rate.

Security of transactions

You can be sure that your money and personal information are tightly protected with cutting-edge technology. Plus, the platform aligns with the latest standards in financial security.

Eyowo - sending money made easier

Schedule Withdrawal dates

You can set when you want to collect your money on the Eyowo app.

Eyowo is tested and trusted with awesome testimonials from customers, great user experience, and top-notch customer relationship service.


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