Love, School, Friendship and Buisness Life Lessons From 2017

2017 has been the most challenging year for me. It’s the year I became a Microbiology graduate, the year I went to the NYSC orientation camp, the year I pushed myself to my limits, the year I cut people off like Kilode, the year I made a conscious decision to get closer to my mother and family. The year I opened my thrift store and made the most coins off blogging.

I learnt alot and I will feel selfish if I don’t share these lessons with you so you’ll not make some mistakes I made in the new year.

Learn to let go. Don’t force anything.


Life Lessons On Love.

– Give it time, earlier this year, February. I jumped into a relationship, at that time it was not jump per say because you can meet people and then you click instantly. That was it. But clicking instantly does not mean you know this person well enough to build something strong with them. The instant vibe you feel will not run away if you take your time before starting a relationship.

– You know the family does not mean you’re meant for each other, 2 months in, I knew the whole family but that did not mean the daddy did not start changing or that I won’t pack my bags. I left without looking back. Who has time.

– Don’t give up on love. My love story with my best friend deserves a blog post on its own.

Is Love Enough

Life Lessons On School.


– I never really liked Microbiology so in my first 2 years in school I was careless with my studies. I used my 3rd & 4th year to correct my mistakes and painstakingly I was able to. But not everyone will have that chance. Everything worth doing is worth doing well. Try your best even if you hate the course. The level of self pride you’ll feel is mind blowing.

My Boarding school horror story, it was a Christian school

Life Lessons on Friendships.


– Before the University I didn’t know alot about keeping female friends, it was hard work for me in my first year. school brought some friends my way. Some we no longer talk because I realise that I deserved better. I’m not going to say I’m a perfect friend. I’ve had my low moments but every time I try harder to make my friends feel more appreciated and focus on their goals. Because I’m that friend that grows your career for you, it’s important that people around me are doing well. So when I sense envy or friends not being down for me like I am for them. I move.

Don’t wait till they pepper you thoroughly before you pack your bags. Friendship is not by force. I cannot come and kill myself.

Life Lessons on Business


– just do it! A lot of people will tell you why you can’t do it or why it wont work. If you believe in yourself and your passion. Sugar. Go for it!

-If you want to start something or you’re struggling with an old business, be patient with yourself. No business is perfect. Everyone has its ups and down. Don’t allow Instagram people make you think they have no business challenges.

Hope you’ve learnt a thing or two, which lessons do you have from 2017, share with the family, we’ll love to hear from you.

Till we see again

With love.


6 thoughts on “Love, School, Friendship and Buisness Life Lessons From 2017

  1. 2017 was a great year for me. I learnt a lot, I unlearnt a lot. And I grew. I also cut off people like ki Lo de. To the point I became to good at it, now I’m trying to learn to be more social and it’s hard. As for business, yes just do it.

    Lovely read Funke

  2. Loved seeing what you’ve learned this year! I’m glad you haven’t let any of the hardships get you down! ☺️

    Looking forward to following along your blog journey! 😄

  3. I can relate with these lessons especially on cutting off people who are not supportive of your growth. Nothing beats having a team that you grow together.

    Glad you learnt and did now allow these to affect you or your growth game👌

    And you look good, dear.


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