Life lately – NYSC Camp And Sudden Changes

How are you?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for you and I’m sorry. I deeply apologise.

Sometimes life comes at you fast and you have to rearrange, take some steps backward and re-position things.

That was what happened.

I went to the NYSC Kubwa Orientation camp on the 21st of November, completed my 3 weeks camp experience even though my house was just 200 Naira ride away, NYSC camp is something I’ve been anticipating and I wanted the full experience.


In my life it’s mostly all or nothing.


The camp experience like I love to describe it was a bitter sweet experience, filled with surprises, laughter, tears and life lessons.

I plan on writing it as a series of blog post because I want you to digest every detail, most of these things I promise you my friend are very important.


After camp, I was satisfied that I did alot of things I looked forward to doing but I was not really in a happy place nor a bad place. Really.

Happy place because I wasn’t the happiest girl. My skin got worse and I promise you. I tried my best in camp. Now its getting better. I want it to be perfect but I’m not putting in much work like I should, hard but I had to admit that there’s alot I can stop doing / do that I’m not.


I had writers block.

In camp I was super hyped about how I wanted to share my camp experience that I was waiting to get home to write well. May we not wait for things that we can do immediately in Jesus name. I Know its not that deep. Lol.
Instead of waiting, I should have squeezed out time to write something, editing it won’t have been hard.
So let’s plan to change this procrastinating habit or giving ourselves reasons not to do certain things.


I got broke.

I’m not really because I have alot of people owing me. but as my mum says. It’s only the money that’s in your hand that’s yours.
Since I read the smart money woman book, I thought I was on fire financially. Gonna be on that forbes list popping! I made a few mistake here & there and it’s made me more determined to be more serious with how I handle my hard earned cash. I’m not as broke as I was. Lets thank God 😂.


I’m rebranding my thrift store and I’m going to be stealing your coins in 2018 especially if you stay in Abuja. Please follow, shop & refer friends. Delivery to most areas in abuja is 500 Naira. @shopwitholotu


I got an health scare, I worry & over think too much.  Bleh!


I was waiting for new year to post something. Honestly. it seemed sensible that I’ll just start the new year with a good level of consistency on my blog. But we are quiting the waiting habit. Remember?


That’s all I have for you now, you’ve been waiting for me write something and I’m grateful that you’re still here.

We still have alot to learn from each other.
Stay with me. Please?
Till next time.
With love

1 thought on “Life lately – NYSC Camp And Sudden Changes

  1. I enjoyed this post. Thank God you’re not broke o. Procrastination is a huge problem for me too and im hoping to tackle it this year by posting consistently and on things i want to post about too.
    Happy new year!!🙌

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