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Things no one tells you about being a fresh graduate/ Styling a denim dress

fresh graduate in nigeria

I became a fresh graduate august by the grace of God when I dropped the pen from my last paper or was it when I got my statement of result? Well, whatever.

I’m a graduate and that’s all that matters’, looking back it’s been a minute since I’ve been a graduate, it’s been 3 months, but I’m still a fresh graduate right?

I’m happy I’m on the right part. I’ve been a lover of clothes and I’m glad I’ve opened my online thrift store on instagram @Shopwitholotu. But I’ll cut to the chase; you’re not here to read how I get excited when I’m going to the market to buy clothes.

fresh graduate in a denim dress, olotu funke


Being a university student was what I thought was the worst thing ever, the period of 4 years was the time I really cried and felt helpless because of mean lecturers and wrong judgment on friendships and relationships. A lot of things happened that I wish did not or I could erase forever but I know it’s never going to happen so I slapped my butt cheeks and said girl, you’ve made those mistakes, are you still alive? happy? winning? growing? Then stop whining and being too hard on yourself and let the crown sit on your head in peace.

olotu funke, styling a denim dress

Here are some things no one told me and some I was told but never took seriously.


University is not the enemy, the teaching methods is.


You will sometimes feel alone and uncertain about your future and it’s fine as long as you’re willing and will to do something about it.

things no one tells you about being a fresh graduate

More than half of the lessons you’ll leave school with won’t be from the classroom.


Your friends are no longer steps away, this is a reality that we all know but you need to understand that, some of your friends will misplace their phone and not talking for a week will eventually lead to months, some will never reach out because they are waiting for you to reach out and you fall apart forever because you will not see each other next semester to argue about who is at fault.


Some of your friends will do better and worse than you and its fine, this is when the reality of why out of over 1000 graduates or more, there will be only one Dangote. Celebrate their success and encourage the ones not shinning now.


The life out here is a broke one and savings are essential – I was careless with money and was supposed to save in my final year because I will task my dad massively, things didn’t go as planned because I was buharilized just as most of my level mates. An unplanned cost would always arrive and you had to attend to it.


Start shopping for your work life, this is selective and only for those that can’t wear most of their school clothes to work, your final year is not the time that you should buy dresses that you won’t be able to wear.

nigerian style blogger, abuja style blogger

Employment or setting up your business is hard, there is no one willing to work for free out here, it’s not like the walls of the university where people do things for fun, you have to make money with your side hustle and that’s what everyone is trying to do.


Nobody is ready to borrow you money, we are all broke.


Your result mater and your results don’t matter, depends on where you’re viewing the sky from


It’s fine to make mistakes with boys, friends, love and sex. That’s where the lessons come from.


You might lose a friend to heaven, I’m sorry. You will get over it. It will be fine.


You will miss the university!!!!!!



It’s a proven fact that denim is not leaving the fashion scene anytime soon, it has become a wardrobe staple from denim jackets to mum jeans and the likes.


I snatched this dress HERE, lace up heels and purse from thrift and things. I opted for an easy look but you can certainly make this dress more casual by wearing a pair of sneakers, cap and a bag-pack or a more artsy/statement look with Ankara head piece and a belt.

What are your thoughts on my outfit? What did you not know as a fresh graduate?




denim dress, chic style

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36 thoughts on “Things no one tells you about being a fresh graduate/ Styling a denim dress

  1. Haha! Man, I can so relate with all the points in the list. I graduated April this year (I’m not sure I’ll still call myself a fresh graduate… Lol) but I agree with you absolutely. Life out here is different from school. You will lose school friends. Some will only get in touch when you’re doing well. You will realize that all those lectures most likely have nothing to do with your life right now.

    We move, anyways! Great post!

  2. I graduated August too and it’s not been easy getting used to the fact that there’s only little to no tasking that can be done right now. I don’t miss school though. I can almost count all my friends on one hand and we still keep in touch so there’s really nothing much for me to miss.
    I love the denim dress. It’s definitely a timeless piece.

  3. “Nobody is ready to borrow you money, we’re all broke” 😂😂😂😂
    Funnnkeeee!!! *In that Yoruba man’s voice*
    Great post.
    I love your blog 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Hey Funke, I think one scary thing is that when we graduate, there’s are those who really do make it and those who can’t find any opportunity. I’m starting my first year though. Wish me luck.

    Oh, your dress…Beautiful

  5. First of all you’re gorgeous 😭😭😭❤️ For a moment i had to start from the top because I was lost looking at your pictures.. lol and secondly this post is nice, I’d be starting my first year next week and I’m really nervous 😩 now i just want to stay home all my life, blog all day and look this beautiful.. lol

  6. Graduating Uni is always an eye opener. You realize a lot of thing, learn and unlearn too. It’s good your viewing this from a positive perspective. Good luck in whatever you decide to do, darling.

  7. I haven’t even graduated and i can relate to this post. Asuu doesnt want my four years to be four years in peace. So right about the making mistakes part…nd loosing friends.
    I absolutely adore the quality of your pictures 💕🙌🙌

  8. I love d dress 😍😍😍 I’m not just sure it’d wud look as great on me, you killed it girl. Congrats on bin a graduate 😘 missed u on ere. Afta skul d real lyf kicks in,I steal miss skul, I miss it so much m considering masters soon

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