I understand the importance of money especially in this economy but I’m a firm believer in SELF RESPECT over money.

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I believe gifts and money should be given with a free mind and while giving you should not want something in return, but this is what I believe not what thousands of men believe, talk less of their reality.

Gift giving is a major way of wooing most women, cause. Let’s face the facts; we love to get that cute Chanel purse or the book you’ve been dying to read. Also gifts can be given for showing appreciation and in this case we can say the person has no hidden agenda.
In the bloggers group chat that I am in, a question was raised by a blogger who asked if she should refund some money (chicken change) a guy gave her because things didn’t go according to his plan, he wanted to get down and she refused. He started asking for his money back that was gifted to her. Then she asked us if she should refund or not, you can imagine a place with over 100 bloggers, filled with highly opinionated people.


I advised her to give him back his money and so did some people but others said she shouldn’t and to me I saw no good reason with their point on why she shouldn’t. I mean after the incident it became obvious why he gave her that money, to get down and he was not successful because she didn’t want it and thank God that she was not raped. He has been asking for the money as a shameless person that he is and things can quickly escalate from I want my money to harassment online and in person.


So I really want to ask why you wouldn’t give the money back when things can go south real quick! This is something that is quite common in our society today. Men give gifts just to have sex and when they don’t get that they want their money back although it’s not fair to the ladies it’s safer to give back.

See it like this

You are spending on a sweater because you want it to prevent you from the cold and when it doesn’t you want your money back. I know women can NEVER EVER and should NEVER be compared with a sweater but sadly that’s how some men see women. Somewhere they get what they need and leave. That’s why it’s important to throw their money back at their face and tell them to suck it up. You’re not someone that can be bought with money or will take any form of disrespect because of cash that when you put your mind to it. You can make double!

We are at a disadvantage in this part of the world because when it boils down to sexual harassment, the society points the finger quickly to the woman even when it’s clearly the man’s fault. So with little stain on the woman’s hand like getting slapped for not returning somebody’s money, she’s the one that killed Jesus.

You either strongly disagree with me or agree, lets hear which and why, i’ll love to read your opinions.


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  1. Logically, she shouldn’t. God forbid me encountering someone terrible like that, if it’s a gift, it’s a gift, if she said borrow or lend me, then return it. But me I would return the money, blast the person and then block and delete, okay since I’m a blogger, I’ll also rant about it.

  2. Me I am going to flung your money into your face sef! It means there was an ulterior motive that came with the gift?! A gift should be free willing and not otherwise, if it’s not…then please shove it up your a**!

  3. I Think your opinion nd view about this case is absolutely On point.. Some Men are just so pathetic nd are such perverts… Women should be more of a principled person rather than A Considerate typa Lady….

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