Get To Know Me – 11 Fun Facts About Me

How you doing?!

I’ve been very busy setting up my online store, Forgive me.

Guess who now runs a store!  Running a thrift store is something I’ve always wanted to do, I’m glad I’ve finally started this and you can check her out on IG @Shopwitholotu. Please support me in anyway you can by buying, referring your friends and giving me honest reviews on my store.  To what we are here for today.

I wanted to share some facts about me because I think it’s time you know me better.

So enjoy, let me know what we have in common and what you think is weird.


1. I hate being cheated or anyone around me being cheated – I prefer to misplace a large sum of money than to be cheated of 5kobo, I absolutely hate it, best believe me that I will get my justice in anyway I can else I’ll think about the situation Forever. it’s that bad.


2. Respect is the ultimate for me, I don’t care how anyone feels about me really, your opinion, just don’t disrespect me, I go from -10 to 100 real quick!


3. I started wearing Bra when I had nothing on my chest, I think I was 8,9 now I can’t stand them!


4. I think I’m a very funny person but my Man and close friends think otherwise, I don’t know why really.


5. I’ve heard the most when it comes to my walking step,  popular opinion is that I flaunt my hips when I’m walking.


6. I feel like a lot of Feminists are not ready for Gender Equality. I  know it’s going to be hard but we can’t expect the rainbow without a little rain.


7. The way I laugh is terrible, I low key think it’s terrible cute you know? There’s something like that right? No?  Okay.


8. I think some Bloggers are over rated, I’m sorry.


9. I’m a shy person, even though everyone argues about my shyness with me, I’m a shy person.


10. My best color is yellow, that’s why the logo & branding for my online thrift store (@shopwitholotu)  is yellow. By the way have you checked my thrift store for affordable pieces?  You should!


11. I’ve been asked a lot of time if I’m a victim of sexual abuse because of how I write, have you ever thought of the possibility of me being a victim of abuse?




15 thoughts on “Get To Know Me – 11 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I’m just in love with you already Funke. Congrats on your store…lemme go check it out ASAP!

    Thrift is the way.

    Overrated bloggers 😅😂 I agree. Like I met someone I’ve always put up so high and I was so disappointed like, “Is that all?” 🤦‍♀️

    And I’m shy too but no one believes me and I do not know why 😫

  2. OmGee.. I’ve never been able to thrift something and actually wear it, infact I’ve only ever gone thrifting once in my life and a friend took me, but with the way you package those items, I think thrifting is about to become the way!
    As for… number 11.. m going to keep my mouth zipped! For now.

  3. We have Number 1 in common. I hate being cheated. I hate injustice. Brings out another me tbh. Lol @ trying out bra early.
    When I started reading your posts about sexual abuse and the likes,they seemed so intense.. Whether you are a victim or not, it doesn’t really matter as far as you still love yourself . What matters is that you are super strong(this is not flattery) 😘 😘. Congrats on starting your online thrift store.

  4. Checking your store out already, and a lot of people are victims of sexual abuse, many are just good at keeping it locked up and not thinking about it. So it’s only if a person tells, that we can know for certain, but it’s personal business and it’s not something, that should be discussed, if the person isn’t comfortable with it. You’re funny, a lot of bloggers are overrated, I love you blog, I think I subscribed, I never know with this email things.

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