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I was watching marriage boot camp reality stars, I’m not consistent with the program really, when I bump on the show, I watch it.

After church, I just finished eating and my brother was watching the show, it was the part that all of them had to choose to forgive or forget someone that has hurt them deeply.
It was so touching for me that I cried, I’m a cry baby with true stories and movies generally. Don’t hold that against me. The pain and anger this reality stars had were really deep, most of them had issues forgiving their parents and it had affected them deeply which had automatically affected everything in their life.



I went to my room immediately after the episode and here I am writing this, you see the looks on their faces when they finally decided to forgive was beautiful, it was peaceful. I knew I wanted to feel like that. I’ve been through a lot from being bullied, to being accused fasely of lesbianism, being used by friends, being disrespected in the lowest way possible, being lied on and I was depressed at a point then I got over it.Β  Of course it was not easy, My friend then. Boyfriend now really helped me walk through all of it. Hey boo!
I decided to let it all go, I’ve forgiven most of them, yes most not all, sometimes I remember certain things then I withdraw, and I really am done. I’m done. I am forgiving all of them, forgiving all of you. Not you per say but you dig.
I am forgiving my first boyfriend that made me hate the way I love.
I am forgiving family for not being family.
I am forgiving the snakes that came disguised as friends
I am forgiving the friends I took as sisters that told me only people with low mentality will read my blog. See where I am now.
I am forgiving the people that make me feel like I do too much.
Because of you I withdrew myself from love, I became the girl that was scared of commitment so I run out of relationships, I hold my feelings in my throat because I fear that my love in friendships will be taken for granted, I learnt how to walk on the air when what I really wanted to do was dance on the soil with my bare feet. A queen like me had to lower herself at some points.
I forgive you and all that you have made me do. I am taking back my life. I am in control. You can’t hurt me.


I am free. I forgive you.



This is a great form of therapy because I feel better immediately after writing this down so I want this to be a Tag, I forgive you tag, this Tag was created to help us heal. Write about some people that have hurt you and how they changed you and tag 5 bloggers to do the same. There are no strict rules or picture because I want everyone to do this in their unique way.


Let’s share this so we can heal and if you’re not a blogger write these things on a book. I really think this will help.
Don’t forget to link back to my blog so I can read your posts, let’s encourage each other.

13 thoughts on “The Healing Tag – I Forgive You

    1. You’re right my dear,the person being unapologetic makes it hard but we have to remember that it’s for ourselves if not they’ll forever have a hold on us, I hope you get the strength you need to participate 😊

  1. I took as sisters that told me only people with low mentality will read my blog” this hit me hard. You regarded them as sisters for heaven sakes. Its all for a reason.
    I feel like i should do one too.
    Funkeeee you’re my new role model, just know that now😭😭😘😘

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